Updating Our Back Porch Pillars for Less Than $50.00

We have a large covered back porch that faced our backyard and is close to our swimming pool. When we entertain, we like to sit out on the porch and entertain or we'll all gather in our swimming pool if it's summertime. The back porch has 4 wooden pillars that just looked really plain. Hubby gave … [Read more...]

No More Clogged Drains with TubShroom and ShowerShroom

Of all the usual household chores, it seems to me that cleaning the bathroom drains is among the most distasteful. It’s inevitable, though, when hair accumulates after showering, bathing, shaving, and even washing pets. Ewww. * Complimentary Samples Received for Review & Feature. The … [Read more...]

Massive Hornet Bee’s Nest in Roof Rafters

Seven years ago we purchased an old 1950's home that was previously owned by my great uncle and auntie. After my uncle died, we purchased the home, so that my great auntie could still live in it until her death. Once she passed away, we started gutting the home and moved into it 4 1/2 years … [Read more...]

Protect Your Outdoor Space from Mosquitoes with Zapplight

During the summertime we spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying our swimming pool, playing backyard games, entertaining guests on our deck and working on our gardens. We love being outside in the sunshine and breathing-in the fresh air. However, one nasty problem that comes with being outdoors are … [Read more...]

DIY Stick-On LED Touch Light from OxyLED

Seven years ago we made the decision to purchase an older home from another member in our family. The home was built in the early 1960's and the previous home owners did very little to modernize it over the years. The house is quite spaceous and has it's own unique charm. However, the bedroom … [Read more...]

Update Your Home for Summer with a Beautiful Doormat from Entryways

When people visit my home, one of the first things that they'll notice is my beautiful doormat. I feel that a doormat is a very important home decorating accessory that provides a necessary function (keeps dirt out).  A doormat should reflect your personality or your home's personality and decor. … [Read more...]

2 Must-Have Products for the Laundry Room

* Complimentary Products Received for Review and Inclusion. Two months ago we completely gutted our small laundry room and have started the remodeling process. My husband is putting up new walls, flooring and a beautiful new ceiling, while adding 6 more feet to the current space. Once the room is … [Read more...]

Beautiful and Unique Doormats from Entryways

When you walk into a home one of the first things you see is the door mat, so I feel it's a very important home decorating accessory that every home should have. Your doormat should reflect your personality or your home's personality and decor. The mat should be beautiful, practical, functional and … [Read more...]