White Sandy Beaches in Virginia Beach

Late last Summer we had the opportunity to spend a few days down in Virginia Beach. We're pretty fortunate that my brother-in-law and his family live about 15 minutes from the coast, so when we go down for family visits, we get to spend some time over on the beach & boardwalk. Virginia Beach … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk Baseball! Family Fun at a Phillies Game

Every year we obtain a family pack of tickets to go down to Philadelphia to take in a professional MLB game featuring our beloved Phillies. When we typically go, we try to plan our visit on the weekend and spend a night in Philly, so that we can visit the Philadelphia Zoo too. The Phillies play … [Read more...]

Beautiful Street Art at the Jersey Shore – Wildwood

As a seasoned traveler, I am always on the lookout for beautiful street art and wall murals. I'm particularly fond of seeing the various Whaling Walls by Wyland and the wall murals by David Dunleavy. Both of these very talented artists specialize in coastal art, so I guess that's why I love … [Read more...]

Family Fun at Bumble Bee Hollow Mini Golf

My family loves to play miniature golf and we all get together a few times every year to play. We're pretty fortunate that here in central Pennsylvania, we've got several really nice mini golf courses to choose from and one of our favorite's is Bumble Bee Hollow Mini Golf. If you live in the area … [Read more...]

Mini Tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield

We're pretty lucky that we live within a one hour drive of the historic and famous Gettysburg Battlefield and Gettysburg National Military Park in Pennsylvania. Over the past year I've featured many different travel posts & features here on The Classy Chics blog featuring Gettysburg and … [Read more...]

Escape the City with a Weekend Getaway to Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino

We live in the city and are always looking for a good excuse to escape to the mountains. Since our 30th wedding anniversary was upon us, this was perfect excuse to go! We wanted to stay in a resort that offered us a ton of different things to do. The Seneca Allegany Resort & Casino is located … [Read more...]

Visiting Lake Tobias Wildlife Park and Zoo

We are pretty fortunate to live in central Pennsylvania and within a 4 hour drive, we have over 40+ wildlife parks and zoos within our area. We love getting the grandchildren for a weekend and taking a road trip to visit one of our local zoos. A couple of months ago we took both of our … [Read more...]

Luxurious Travel – Different Factors that Create a Memorable Experience

Luxurious travel provides time for people to appreciate various destinations at a cost that represents the value of this type of experience. Personalized travel is facilitated by numerous opportunities that have become more accessible through the internet and a growing demand for traveling … [Read more...]