3 Must-Have Beauty Products for Spring

As the seasons change, so does my need for particular beauty products. During the springtime, my skin always seems to be dull, dry and blotchy in color. In addition, I like to go out a lot more since the weather is nice, which means I'm applying more makeup than usual which can lead to … [Read more...]

Frownies’ Immune Shield Helps Protect and Heal Your Skin

I just got back from a trip to New York where the weather was cold and rainy. Now, I’m back to the warmth and sun in Cali, but no matter what kind of weather I’m faced with, I always want to keep my skin happy and healthy. I was recently introduced to a product called Frownies’ Immune Shield, which … [Read more...]

Rich and Indulgent Olive Moisturizing Body Lotion

Dry and itchy skin got you down? Tired of looking like you've got dry reptile skin? If so, You've got to try out the skincare product that I'm featuring on the blog today. I review a LOT of body care products and let me tell you, this one quickly became a favorite in my beauty bag! Let me introduce … [Read more...]

Dry Skin Relief with Zim’s Max Crack Creme Original Liquid

It wasn’t until I started using Zim’s Max Crack Creme Creamy Daytime Formula skin cream that I ever regularly used a lotion or cream. It’s amazing for moisturizing my winter-dry hands without leaving behind a greasy feeling. Now I’ve had the chance to try Zim’s Max Crack Creme Original Liquid, a … [Read more...]

Protect Your Skin from Everyday Stresses with Environ Skin Care

Beautiful skin doesn’t come easily, especially when you hit the big numbers – the big 4-0, the big-50—you get the drift. It’s something you have to work at and commit to. I’m in my 40’s and I feel like I do a pretty good job of cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating, but when I went to have a … [Read more...]

Must-Have New Beauty Product: Post-Makeup Recovery Spray

Women love makeup, but did you know that cosmetics can clog pores and deplete skin of key minerals? Cleansing it away further strips hydration and vital nutrients that support clear, glowing skin. While we love to wear makeup, it can be very damaging to our skin! The new SKINDINAVIA Post-Makeup … [Read more...]

Treat Yourself to Beautiful Skin with Devera Naturals

I don’t know about you, but I always make a few New Year’s resolutions. Eat healthier, exercise more and take better care of my skin. Well, let’s just say the only resolution that I’ve really been successful in keeping so far is the third one. I have been treating my skin with a little extra love … [Read more...]

Hydrate the Skin Around Your Eyes with Vitamin E Eye Balm

At the age of 48, I'm definitely seeing some of the signs of aging. Okay, I'm seeing more signs than I would like to admit, especially very fine lines around my eye area and dark circles underneath my eyes. A few weeks ago I started using a Vitamin E Eye Balm from One Love Organics and absolutely … [Read more...]