The SoftSide Umbrella Has You Covered

Whether you live in a place like rainy Seattle or sunny California, there’s no reason not to have a high-quality, dependable and durable umbrella. I personally always keep one in my car, especially after the rainy winter we had here in southern California. I also use an umbrella at all of my son’s … [Read more...]

Repel Bugs Naturally with Fairy Tales Bug Bandit Spray

My family spends a lot of time outdoors, whether it be in our backyard or out exploring the world. We enjoy taking family hikes, boating, fishing, spending time at the lake and all sorts of outdoor activities. One thing we don't like? All of the bugs and bug bites that come along with it. If … [Read more...]

The Must-Have Large Golf Umbrella by Fnova

A good rain umbrella is a must-have necessity for everyone. A good umbrella will give you plenty of coverage (in regards to size), will open and close automatically and it will shield you from the weather elements. Plus, a good umbrella should be affordable, so that everyone can own one! Let me … [Read more...]

New Landscape Lighting with Solar Powered Spotlights

Spring is finally in-the-air and we're getting to work on our spring landscaping projects. Over the winter, we had several storms come through our area that tore down trees, wrecked my flower beds and ruined my backyard patio. I'm excited to get things cleaned up and looking pretty again. When … [Read more...]

Front Porch Lighting with Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Last year we gave our front porch a total makeover! My husband tore down the old porch columns and built custom ones to replace them. We resurfaced the cement flooring, added a white picket porch railing, painted and then added some new furniture items. The only thing we needed to do was add some … [Read more...]

Portable Water Purification with GoPure Pod

In our house, we’ve been trying to reduce the number of plastic water bottles that we use. We’ve been filling pitchers with filtered water and using recyclable bottles more and more. I can’t say that I trust the water straight from the tap, as I’m sure many others feel the same way. I was definitely … [Read more...]

The Must-Have Automatic Umbrella for Spring

I love the spring season and I've been steadily counting down the days until spring arrives. Now that it's only a couple of weeks away, I've been getting out some of my warmer clothes and getting them ready for the season. If you live in an area of the country that gets frequent spring showers and … [Read more...]

Relax and Unwind in the Sportneer Double Hammock

Last year we put a brand new swimming pool into our backyard and since that time, we've been putting in new landscaping and gardens to go along with it. During the warmer season's of the year, we entertain a lot of friends & family members at our home, so we want it to look nice and to feel … [Read more...]