Visiting Beautiful Stone Harbor in New Jersey

Over the years I've done a lot of travel features here on the blog that focus on visiting Wildwood and/or Cape May in New Jersey. While I love Wildwood and Cape May, I enjoy visiting Stone Harbor too! If your unfamiliar with southern New Jersey, Stone Harbor is an island to the north of Wildwood … [Read more...]

What’s Acceptable and Non-Acceptable to Discuss on Social Media

I've been using various forms of social media to chat with friends, family members, other moms, home business owners, bloggers, etc. for the past 12 years. I was hanging out on social media sites before it even became popular. I was a big user 15 years ago on wahm and mom chat forums that were … [Read more...]

The Classy Chics – Week in Review for May 19th

Welcome to the Friday May 19th, 2017 ~ Week in Review post! I will be doing these posts every Friday to update you all on what happened throughout the week, so everyone can get caught up on the things they may of missed! Let's roll! Quote of the Week: Goodness is the only investment that never … [Read more...]

Visiting the Adventure Aquarium in Camden

During the spring, summer and fall months, we like to plan various day trips around the area with our grandchildren. Our granddaughter is 8 years old and our grandson is going on 2. When I plan our family day trips & play dates, I have to find family-friendly things that both of them will enjoy. … [Read more...]

Cute and Easy Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas!

Every time I turn around there is a new baby shower to host or a new one to attend. All of my friends (including myself) have been having babies the past few years and one hot trend among us all is...Baby Gender Reveal Parties! If you've never attended one before, it's a baby shower held for the … [Read more...]

Inspirational Mother’s Day Quotes + Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day to you all!   I've always enjoyed Mother's Day as it's one day out of the year that is solely dedicated to me and other mom's around the world. When I first decided to get pregnant and have a child, no one warned me how hard being a mom really would be! While it's hard at … [Read more...]

Gardening: Old Birdbath Turned into a Flower Planter

Ten years ago my husband bought me a gorgeous birdbath and water fountain combo which I absolutely LOVED. The bowl portion of the bird bath is done in a large seashell shape and the top had floating ball with water fountain. When it was new, it looked gorgeous but over the years, it's fallen … [Read more...]

The Classy Chics – Week in Review for May 12th

Today is Friday May 12th, 2017. TGIF and the weekend is about to begin! Every Friday we like to do a week in review post, to help our readers stay up-to-date on some of the posts they've might of missed. We're a large blog and a super-busy one at that! We know that you all have busy lives and we … [Read more...]