Tips for Buying a Quality Watch

One of the gifts that you might want to consider for someone for the holidays or for a special occasion, such as a birthday, is a watch. There is a large selction of watches on sale in various styles and designs for men who enjoy wearing a watch or even keeping it in a pocket. An example is the … [Read more...]

Capture Your Beach Vacation Memories with Dune Jewelry

Millions of families every year flock to a beach destination for their annual summer vacation. My family is no exception. When I was a little girl we started visiting the Jersey Shore multiple times every year and now that I'm 50 years old, we still go down to the shore! One of my favorite things … [Read more...]

Beautiful Artisan Crafted Jewelry from Uno Alla Volta

Like most women, I love jewelry and I've collected a lot of it over the years. In my collection I've got estate pieces, one-of-a-kind artisan pieces, mass retail market pieces and everything in between. With that said, I'm extremely fond of artisan-crafted pieces that are unique in their … [Read more...]

How to Re-Size Your Rings at Home

Like most women, I love jewelry and I'm really passionate about wearing rings. I have over 70+ rings in my collection and I look at my jewelry collection as a financial investment that I will some day pass down to my daughter and grandchildren. Even though I love rings and I buy a lot of them, … [Read more...]

Beautiful Jewelry, Home Decor and Gifts from Amrita Sen

A few months ago I introduced you to the very talented artist Amrita Sen and her adult coloring book titled: Amrita Sen's Cosmic and Eternal Love: An Everlasting Love Story. That coloring book and the music CD that comes with it are favorite's in my collection. I love that adult coloring book so … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Gifts from Uno Alla Volta

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite days in the entire year. While I show my love for my husband and family members all throughout the year, Valentine's Day is a nice way to get some extra special time with them, especially with my husband. With that said, I love to go shopping for special … [Read more...]

Tungsten Rings- Protecting and Caring for Your Jewelry

Tungsten or tungsten carbide is known for its incredible strength. Its resistance to tarnishing and scratches makes it a suitable metal for people who have active lifestyles. Cleaning and maintaining such as durable metal is easy and involves removing dirt by using clean cloths, warm water and soap. … [Read more...]

Artisan Crafted Jewelry from Uno Alla Volta

Now that we're through Christmas, I'm already thinking about all of the upcoming gifts that I'll need. During the next 90 days, I need 2 wedding gifts, 2 bridal shower gifts, several birthday gifts and then there is Valentine's Day. It seems that I'm always buying gifts, but trust me, I also treat … [Read more...]