Fun Frugal Finds – Coastal Framed Artwork and Home Decor

If you've been reading this blog you'll already know that I decorate the inside and outside of my home in coastal and beach decor. I love everything and anything that has to do with the beach and coastal life. Matter of fact, we plan on moving to the Atlantic Coast in about 5 years when my husband … [Read more...]

Update Your Home for Summer with a Beautiful Doormat from Entryways

When people visit my home, one of the first things that they'll notice is my beautiful doormat. I feel that a doormat is a very important home decorating accessory that provides a necessary function (keeps dirt out).  A doormat should reflect your personality or your home's personality and decor. … [Read more...]

Home Decorating: Affordable Window Treatment Ideas

Like most of you, I'm on a budget when it comes to decorating my home. When I shop for home decor and linens, I like items that are quality-made, look nice and are affordably priced. But, let's face it. Most of the times when we go out to hit the retail stores we're finding items that are … [Read more...]

Sleeping Comfortable – The Ultimate Memory Foam Mattress by SR RED SUNRISING BEDDING

Do you have a hard time falling to sleep at night? What about staying asleep? Do you toss and turn all night long? If so, your mattress could be the problem. If you're looking for a better night's on. Let me introduce you to the Ultimate Memory Foam Mattress by SR RED SUNRISING … [Read more...]

High-Quality, Original and Exclusive Artwork for Your Home

* Complimentary Sample Received for Review & Inclusion. Celebrate your favorite movie and create your own stylish home-gallery with high-quality EntertainArt. Showoff exclusive, limited edition, ready-to-hang wall art from some of the hottest movies, classic comics and TV shows like Star … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Bamboo Shower Seat from ToiletTree

As a ToiletTree Brand Ambassador, I get to review and feature a lot of great ToiletTree products throughout the year. Over the years, I’ve reviewed and purchased many of the company’s products that you’ve seen featured right here on the blog. Not only do I review these great products, I’m a customer … [Read more...]

Get a Good Night’s Sleep with the Sleeping Organic Natural Latex Pillow

A few years ago my husband suffered a terrible back and neck injury after a car accident. It took him almost 6 months to recover from surgery and the injury. Since that time, he has suffered with chronic back, shoulder and neck pain. There are nights when he tosses and turns and get's no sleep. When … [Read more...]

The Perfect Bath Time Routine and Must-Have Bath Essentials

* This post was sponsored by Micro Cotton®. All words, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I'm one of those women who still loves spoiling herself with a bubble bath several times every week. I find that bubble baths are a great way to de-stress and relax after a long day and I enjoy spending … [Read more...]