10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Physical Therapy

Image Credit: Pixabay 1. Prepare for your first visit by bringing the prescription from your doctor, and clothing you can work out in including comfortable shoes. Be sure to download any necessary office paperwork from your physical therapist’s website so you can already have it filled out when you … [Read more...]

The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide and Cookbook

Several weeks ago my mother and my aunt were both diagnosed with various type's of cancer. After numerous tests, surgery and biopsies, both have now moved onto their treatment plans which includes chemo and radiation. As a family, we're all pitching in to help and to support them. Recently I was … [Read more...]

Trampoline Park- Getting Healthier with Each Jump

Trampoline parks are much more than a health trend that enables people to bounce around walls across large rooms that consist of trampolines. Using a trampoline is a form of exercise that has been included in various workout routines since time immemorial. The parks continue to grow as a popular … [Read more...]

The Cancer Fighting Diet Book with 150 Recipes

The past 8 weeks have been pretty rough for my family. My mother, aunt and cousin have all three been diagnosed with various type's of cancer. Since their diagnoses, the entire family has been doing everything that we can to educate ourselves, so that we can help to support them. Recently I … [Read more...]

PSA – Fixing Paco for Kidney Disease Prevention and Organ Donation

How many of you suffer with kidney disease or know someone who's struggling with it? Chances are...you know at least one person, if not more. Kidney disease runs pretty high in my family...from chronic kidney stones to deadly renal failure. It's important to know your family's history and to do … [Read more...]

Kinsa Smart Thermometer is Smart, Reliable and Convenient

It’s been a tough flu season in our household this year, especially for my son. There have been some nasty bugs going around at his school and he seems to catch most of them, even with the flu vaccination on board. He usually spikes a pretty high fever, so it’s vital that we have a reliable … [Read more...]

The Best Workout for Teenage Girls

*Image Courtesy of: Flickr If there is one age group that is perhaps the most vulnerable when it comes to having the best possible body shape, then it is the teenager girl. There are many sources of inspiration, stress, feedback and so on. Some of these sources are: • Peers. • Role models. • … [Read more...]

CBD Hemp Oil Cosmetic Benefits

Image Credit: Pixabay Hemp and marijuana plant benefits such as providing a calm and relaxing experience and helping with some medical issues such as anxiety, nausea, and seizures are pretty well known. But what is not known as much are the cosmetic benefits you can get when you apply hemp oil or … [Read more...]