Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves plus Sunny Bay Large Ice Bag

I keep my medicine cabinet well-stocked at all times. Matter of fact, every 2 months I go through my cabinet to toss out old items and replace them with new. Every home needs a well-stocked medicine cabinet that includes a: thermometer, OTC pain reliever, OTC fever reducer, OTC upset stomach … [Read more...]

Tips for Picky Eaters from a Nutrition Expert

Your toddler is on a tasting adventure from the moment solid foods are introduced. To avoid them becoming too picky and negatively affecting their nutrition, embrace that spirit of adventure. Making meals look and taste appealing increases the chance of good nutrition from childhood on into … [Read more...]

Can Cannabis Improve Blood Sugars in Type 2 Diabetes?

Diabetes affects about 400 million people around the world. It leads to five million deaths every year, and the prevalence keeps rising. Some evidence suggests that cannabis can treat and prevent diabetes. Preventive Diabetes develops due to insulin resistance and fasting high insulin levels. … [Read more...]

Things You Can Do to Be Healthier

There are millions of people around the world who have very busy lives. They work a full-time job and have children to raise. You might be one of these people. Unfortunately, many of these people are so busy that they neglect their health. This eventually starts to catch up with them if it goes on … [Read more...]

Important Tips to Help You Master Pilates

Starting on a new fitness program is an exciting experience. You will feel motivated to get going, especially if you have an end goal in mind. Pilates is one of the best fitness exercises that you can add on to your plate. With it, you will improve your body posture. You will also feet energized at … [Read more...]

6 Important Tips for Eating Healthy and Losing Weight

Last year my husband and I made the commitment to eat healthier and to lose weight. We knew that if we wanted to take this journey, we would need to invest in a few new items to help guarantee our success. I'm happy to report that during the past 9 months that I've lost 17 lbs. and my husband has … [Read more...]

Colgate’s New Toothbrush Encourages Kids to Brush Their Teeth Properly

* Complimentary product received from Colgate-Palmolive for review purposes. Parents everywhere understand the struggle of teaching their kids to be self-sufficient. In honor of back to school, Colgate just launched their latest items in their kids product portfolio, the Interactive Powered … [Read more...]

Acupuncture – How it Works and the Benefits

Contrary to what some people may assume acupuncture is not limited to a system of inserting fine needles into certain body locations to ease pain. Acupuncture is a comprehensive medical procedure that deals with correcting energy imbalances in the body. Since its advent in China several years … [Read more...]