Frugal Finds: Beautiful Yard and Garden Decor

How many of you shop at The Family Dollar Store? I loved that store, but sadly...the one that was local to me just went out of business. Anyway, last month when they announced that they were closing their doors, they put everything in the store on sale. When I walked through the doors I was … [Read more...]

Frugal Finds: Affordable Outdoor Solar Lighting for the Yard & Garden

I love to spend time outdoors and one of the things I enjoy when I'm outside is gardening! I enjoy working on my flower beds, veggie garden and anything that has to do with adding beauty to our landscaping and yard. We've owned our home for 6 years now and have been working on various landscaping … [Read more...]

Frugal Finds: Snagging Bargains on Name Brand Clothing and Accessories

Just like most women, I love to shop and I'm always looking for a bargain deal. When I find them, I enjoy sharing with all of you what I found, how much I paid for it and where I found it. So, it's time for another Fun Frugal Finds post here on The Classy Chics blog! How many of you have ever … [Read more...]

Fun Frugal Finds: Women’s Ponchos for Spring

Like most women, I love to shop! However, I'm a bargain shopper and I'm always looking for bargain basement and clearance deals. I very rarely pay full price for things that I want because I know that every penny that I a penny that is earned towards vacation! About 15 years ago I fell … [Read more...]

How to Re-Size Your Rings at Home

Like most women, I love jewelry and I'm really passionate about wearing rings. I have over 70+ rings in my collection and I look at my jewelry collection as a financial investment that I will some day pass down to my daughter and grandchildren. Even though I love rings and I buy a lot of them, … [Read more...]

Fun Frugal Finds: Wicker Rattan Storage Ottoman

Time for another Fun Frugal Finds post! For the past year I've been wanting one of those storage ottomans that you see in a lot of the retail stores. However, I didn't want one of those cheap collapsible, folding ones. I wanted a good-quality one that would last me for years. Like most women, I … [Read more...]

Frugal Finds: Post-Holiday Bargains and Deals

If you've been reading and following this blog, you'll already know that I love shopping for bargains and deals. In addition, you'll know that one of my favorite stores to find bargains & deals happens to be Big Lots. When I plan a shopping trip to Big Lots, I plan my trip around their days … [Read more...]

Frugal Tip: Jazzing Up Inexpensive Breakfast Cereals

My grandchildren love to eat cereal for breakfast and at a snack. As a grandparent, I don't mind them having cereals (in moderation), but I admit, I don't like the high prices that I had to pay at our local grocery store. Even with a money-saving coupon, I find that the majority of … [Read more...]