Fun Frugal Finds – New Bathroom Rugs!

I'm a bargain shopper and I'm not afraid to admit that. I'm always hunting down deals and bargains for the things that I need and/or want. I rarely pay full-price for anything and will often times do without, until I find it at a price that I'm willing to pay. With all of that said...I needed … [Read more...]

Fun Frugal Finds – Coastal Framed Artwork and Home Decor

If you've been reading this blog you'll already know that I decorate the inside and outside of my home in coastal and beach decor. I love everything and anything that has to do with the beach and coastal life. Matter of fact, we plan on moving to the Atlantic Coast in about 5 years when my husband … [Read more...]

Fun Frugal Finds: Fall and Autumn Home Decor

Three weeks I ran into my local A.C. Moore's craft store to pick up a few bottles of craft paint. While I was in there...I browsed around the store to see what kind of deals that I could fine. You all know me, I'm a frugal girl who loves to find things at a bargain price. Well, on the day that I … [Read more...]

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies with DIY Fruit Flies Trap

For the past few weeks I've been having an issue with fruit flies. Every year when I'm busy harvesting fruits and veggies from our garden...the fruit flies appear. This year, those buggers are worst than ever and driving me nuts! Seriously, I can't stand fruit flies and hate them with a … [Read more...]

Fun, Frugal, Finds: Home Goods from Big Lots

If you've been reading the Two Classy Chics blog for the past few years, you'll already know that I'm a frugal bargain shopper and one of my favorite stores to hit when I'm looking for bargains is Big Lots! Every time I go in there...I never leave empty handed. When it comes to shopping at Big … [Read more...]

Fun, Frugal, Finds – Back to School Clothing for Kids!

We're approaching the end of July now and we've already started our back-to-school shopping for the Princess. Every school year I sit down and go through my finances and then I set a budget on what I'll spend. I'm pretty frugal, but I like her to have nice things, so I'm always shopping for bargains … [Read more...]

Best Homemade House Plant Food Recipe

How many of you have indoor house plants? For myself personally, I have 15 in total and love having them in my home. Having a nice selection of indoor plants helps to filter the air and at the same time they add beauty to your home. For those of you who don't want to purchase or use a … [Read more...]

Fun Frugal Finds: Women’s Pajamas and Porcelain Dolls

Just like most of you...I love going out shopping and hunting down some bargains. I admit, I rarely pay full price for anything and I'm always looking for clearance deals and closeouts. I'm not afraid to hit discount stores, outlet malls, yard sales and/or flea markets to find what I want. Two … [Read more...]