Get Your Closet Organized with Accessory Hangers

Brighten your days and simplify finding your fashion in a flash with Hang A Bunch apparel and accessory hangers! Hang A Bunch - where organization meets fashion! Where, oh where has my favorite black tank top gone? Oh where, oh where can it be? Let Hang A Bunch organization hangers for tank … [Read more...]

Beautiful Shirts for the Chic Mom

Mothers have a special place in our hearts that will never fade. Even if we have lost our mom, knowing she lives in on in us is comforting. I think that is why Mother's Day is such a special day. I used to love spoiling my mom. I would look for special gifts that tell her I knew what she loved … [Read more...]

Protect Your Eyes Against The Winter Sun

*Brought to you by Dioptics Sunwear* Living in California, you learn quickly how harsh the sun can be. Protecting your eyes from the UV rays is important and I always make sure to carry my sunglasses with me everywhere I go. The harsh sun in warmer climates is one thing, but did you know that the … [Read more...]

Jazz Up Your Eye Wear Wardrobe with Reading Glasses

About four and a half years ago I got my very first pair of Reading Glasses and I happened to get them as a Christmas gift from my husband. Over the years, I have added several more pairs to my wardrobe and I now look at them as a fashion accessory. Let me introduce you to where you … [Read more...]

Tips for Making Kid’s Boots Last Longer

Kids grow so fast that buying them boots that fit can often seem like something of an exercise in futility. Especially, if this applies to seasonal shoes like winter boots that won’t be worn very often during the off-seasons. I learned this when buying my kid a quality pair of boots from The Muck … [Read more...]

Active Life? Be Hands-Free with the Fusion-Wrap

Whether on the go running errands or heading to the gym for a quick workout; lugging a huge purse around gets rather annoying. A never-ending pit of missing chapsticks, change and old receipts are reasons why your purse is weighing you down. The Fusion Wrap is a wearable pocket that zips around … [Read more...]

Beat Wet Weather With a Beautiful Rain Jacket With Hood

Most people think that living on the West Coast in California means that it is sunny and warm all the time. Not so! In fact, it can get down right cold here. There is a joke about "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco". Supposedly Mark Twain said that, but somehow I doubt … [Read more...]

Beautiful $218 COACH Madison Handbag Giveaway

There is just something about an amazing handbag that makes me get all happy inside. I am a handbag junkie and the crossbody bags are just the perfect size to stow your necessities, sling it over your shoulder and go. A beautiful bag will become a part of your outfit and this one we are offering … [Read more...]