How to Knit Book – Techniques and Projects for the Beginner

This introductory, project-based book is ideal for anyone looking to take up a new craft. It guides the reader through the materials required and the basics of the craft, followed by a series of techniques and accompanying projects to put the newly acquired knowledge into practice right away. The … [Read more...]

Craft Project – DIY Seascape with Seashells in Glass Container

If you've been reading my blog for the past 8 years, you'll already know that I'm a total lover of the beach and ocean. I think the coastal areas in our country are the most beautiful places on earth. To reflect my love for the ocean and beach, I decorate the inside and outside of my home in a … [Read more...]

Adult Coloring – Save Money with InkCraft 100 Gel Pens Refill Kit

Over the past 3 years I've shared over 30+ adult coloring book reviews here on the blog, along with several reviews of my favorite gel ink pens. Some of these reviews were sponsored by various companies and some were on items that I've personally purchased. Regardless, I always share my 100% honest … [Read more...]

Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch Designs Book + Prize Pack Giveaway

When I was about 12 or 13 years old I learned to cross-stitch. I can remember sitting down for hours at a time with my grandmother and working on various designs. Once I hit adulthood, my love for cross-stitch grew even more. Over the years I've completed numerous framed wall hangings, pillowcases, … [Read more...]

Feng Crochet – Calming Projects for a Harmonious Home + Prize Pack Giveaway

When it comes to crafting...crocheting is one of my favorite things to do. I've been crocheting since the age of 13 and over the years I've made beautiful afghans, baby blankets, doilies, table runners, holiday ornaments, hats, scarves and all kinds of different things. If you're a crochet fan, … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids About Rocks, Minerals and Fossils

During the summertime we're always looking for fun and educational things to do with our grandchildren. Just because school's out for the summer (and soon the kids will be going back), doesn't mean that learning ends! Nope, it doesn't and it's our job to continue to enrich the minds of our … [Read more...]

CatDoodles – The Cat Lovers Drawing Book

How many of you love to doodle? I work in a professional office environment (my daytime job) and I often find that I'm reaching for scrap paper and doodling, especially when I'm on a boring conference call. For those of you who enjoy doodling or just looking for a reason to sit-down and … [Read more...]

Hair Wars Adult Coloring Book By David Yellen

From the real world of competitive Fantasy Hair styling comes Hair Wars Coloring Book. Based on the popular powerHouse book Hair Wars by David Yellen, which was shot at Fantasy Hair competitions across the country, these larger-than-life dos are now ready for your touch. Drawing inspiration from … [Read more...]