4 Surprising Places to Wear Fragrance and a Few Pro Tips

If you're like many people, wearing fragrance is a hit-and-miss prospect. Maybe you're unsure of the strength and put on too much or too little. Perhaps you're wearing a scent that just doesn't suit you, no matter how it smelled in the shop. Choosing the right scent is half the battle, but knowing … [Read more...]

Great Foods to Help You Have Beautiful Skin

People say that we are what we eat. While this is definitely a stretched statement, there are clear connections between what we eat and how healthy our skin looks. In many situations we see women and men that use the right products, rest as much as they should and basically do all that is needed to … [Read more...]

3 Must-Have Beauty Products for Spring

As the seasons change, so does my need for particular beauty products. During the springtime, my skin always seems to be dull, dry and blotchy in color. In addition, I like to go out a lot more since the weather is nice, which means I'm applying more makeup than usual which can lead to … [Read more...]

3 Must-Have Hair Products for Spring and Summer

Spring is finally here and I'm ready to spend more time outdoors and in the fresh air. Since I'll be spending more time outside, I need to kick my beauty routine into high gear, so that I'm ready for the spring and summer seasons. I have very thick, long and super-curly hair. Keeping my tresses … [Read more...]

Frownies’ Immune Shield Helps Protect and Heal Your Skin

I just got back from a trip to New York where the weather was cold and rainy. Now, I’m back to the warmth and sun in Cali, but no matter what kind of weather I’m faced with, I always want to keep my skin happy and healthy. I was recently introduced to a product called Frownies’ Immune Shield, which … [Read more...]

Rich and Indulgent Olive Moisturizing Body Lotion

Dry and itchy skin got you down? Tired of looking like you've got dry reptile skin? If so, You've got to try out the skincare product that I'm featuring on the blog today. I review a LOT of body care products and let me tell you, this one quickly became a favorite in my beauty bag! Let me introduce … [Read more...]

Naturally Beautiful Ecco Bella Makeup

Makeup is definitely a way to express your personal style or help accentuate a mood or vibe you want to convey. There are always hot new trends to try and basics to swear by. I was recently introduced to a company called Ecco Bella, that believes in creating products that beautify and protect not … [Read more...]

HOT Nail Polishes and Colors for Spring 2017

I love painting my nails and I admit, I do keep up on the latest and greatest nail polish trends. I sometimes like to keep things natural by going with a pretty neutral shade or nude, but most of the time I like to paint my nails pretty colors. I'm not afraid to paint them in neon colors, metallic's … [Read more...]