Frugal Finds – Winter Boots at a HUGE Savings!

You all know that I'm a bargain shopper and like a lot of you...I love finding a great deal. Well, I was on the hunt for some new winter boots and I found not one, not two but three pairs at a price that I couldn't resist! Yes, three pairs!!! Let me start by saying this. Last fall I purchased a … [Read more...]

Air Wool Socks β€” Soft, Comfortable, and Stylish

Socks may not be the most glamorous item of clothing, but they sure are one of the most important. I wear them every day, except in very hot weather (and sometimes even then). It’s easy to take socks for granted, but the right socks can make a huge difference in keeping your feet warm, dry, and … [Read more...]

Brighten Up Your Winter With Outstanding Accessories

The long, dark days of winter can be depressing for even the most chipper among us. Those endless gray days empty of color and sunshine can sometimes make it feel like spring will never come. While you may be stuck with the chilly weather until the spring, you can still find ways to bring your own … [Read more...]

Stop Electronic Pickpocketing with the Men’s Leather RFID Blocking BiFold Wallet

How many of you are concerned about electronic pickpocketing and having your identity and financial information stolen? Did you know that thieves can buy those electronic skimming devices on the internet for less than $50 and sometimes you don't even need them to steal someone's financial … [Read more...]

Certified Organic Cotton Undergarments for Women

I'm a middle-aged woman with very sensitive skin. My skin is dry, itchy and often times I'll have blisters and a rash. Clothing and undergarments can irritate my skin, especially during a flare-up. I'm really picky about the items that I buy and wear. With all of that said, I'm really excited to … [Read more...]

Holiday and Special Occasion Women’s Fashions from eShakti

Today I would like to introduce you to the fantastic company called eShakti which sells some of the most fantastic women's clothing I have ever seen. This company is not your ordinary women's clothing company because eShakti customer's can customize their clothing to fit their particular body. … [Read more...]

Comfortable and Stylish Leather Clogs from Superior Clogs

I've been wearing clogs since the age of 12 and I am now 50 years old. If you opened up my closet door you would see at least 30 pairs of different clogs. Some I have owned for 15+ years and others I have picked up more recently. Am I a clog addict? You bet, I am!!! I first fell in-love with … [Read more...]

Styling Your Clothes with Crafting

Any fancy girl wants to have clothes which are unique and inimitable. Therefore, women invent ways to transform an ordinary dress into unrepeatable one. They use glitter, different fabrics and services of professional seamstresses to make clothes appear perfect. What is styling? Anyone can use … [Read more...]