DIY Homemade Laundry Fabric Softener Crystals

How many of you love using those name-brand fabric softener crystals that you toss into the washing machine to make your laundry (clothes) softer? I admit, I used to be a HUGE user of those Purex Fabric Softener Crystals, until I started making my own. Yes, my own! If you've ever bought them, you … [Read more...]

10 Tips To Make Cleaning Your Kitchen Easier

Cleaning the kitchen is something that I do almost every day of the week. On most days I'll spend about 30 minutes cleaning things up, including doing the dishes. With that said, once or twice a week my kitchen gets a good overall cleaning. Here are 10 Tips To Make Cleaning Your Kitchen … [Read more...]

Light-Weight and Powerful Upright Bagless Vacuum Gets the Job Done!

How many of you dread those heavy vacuums when it comes to cleaning your home? I know I do! As someone who suffers with chronic pain and has had a hip replacement, I can't drag heavy vacuum all over my home, nor up and down the stairs any more. Back in early December I went on the hunt for a … [Read more...]

30+ Ways to Use Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Around Your Home

I admit, I'm a self-professed neat and clean freak. I take great pride in cleaning my home and keeping it cleaned up. With that said, I don't spend hours upon hours every day cleaning it! I'm always looking for the best cleaning products that get the job done and get it done quickly. One of the … [Read more...]

Clean Up Those Holiday Dishes the Easy Way with DishFish

During the holiday season I enjoy cooking and baking a variety of meals for my family and friends. However, cleaning up afterwards is something I typically don't enjoy. There are pots to scrub, baking pans to clean and then you have to get all of those food particles off your dishes. While I own a … [Read more...]

Fall Cleaning with Uniquely J All Purpose Cleaning Wipes

The first 2 weeks in November are always a busy time for me as I begin and complete my annual Fall deep cleaning. I pick these two weeks to get ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. I go from room to room cleaning things up and putting out some of my holiday decorations as I go … [Read more...]

The Best Outdoor Furniture and Deck Cleaners with Cleaning Tips

Every year at the end of September, I get busy cleaning up all of my outdoor furniture, deck railings, lighting fixtures, garden & yard art, etc.  Since we have a LOT of items outside, this is typically a weekend process for me. Before I store my outdoor items away for the winter season, I like … [Read more...]

Tips for Hiring a Maid Cleaning Service for your Home

Home cleaning can be a process that requires a lot of time and is often to difficult to fit into a regular schedule. If you're capable of hiring a cleaning service you will be able to take advantage of an option that saves you time and guarantees a sparkling living environment. There are … [Read more...]