Handcrafted Natural Soap by Reverie Farms and Soaps

Reverie: a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream Reverie Farms is a small, local farm located in Argyle, Texas that started as a dream to teach our children, and ourselves, about appreciating the simplicity and beauty of God’s world. What initially fueled their farming … [Read more...]

Awaken Your Senses with Softsoap Body Washes

As the season's change, I like to update my bath and body products to reflect the new fragrances that correspond with the current season. Now that Spring is in full bloom, I find myself gravitating towards light floral scents that will moisturize my body and awaken my senses. For the past 15+ … [Read more...]

Relax your Body and Mind with a Bath Soak

Unwind. Unplug. Relax. These are three words that I absolutely love and three words that aren’t a big enough part of my life. I’m sure many of you can relate. Well, ladies—we need to take some time out for ourselves and a simple and easy way to do that is with a nice, long bath soak (accompanied by … [Read more...]

Natural Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soaps by Live Clean

Live Clean was created with a simple vision: to create high performance skin and haircare products that celebrate natural beauty while honoring the earth.  The company believes that living clean isn’t just about what we eat, it’s also about the products and ingredients that we put in our … [Read more...]

Proper Hand Washing Tips for the Entire Family

* Complimentary Product Received from Colgate-Palmolive for Review Purposes. As a former healthcare professional, I learned how to properly wash my hands to help prevent the spread of germs. Over the years, I've become a prolific hand-washer and to this day, I wash my hands no less than a dozen … [Read more...]

Indulge in a Fragrant Shower Experience with Softsoap Body Wash

* Complimentary Product Received from Colgate-Palmolive for Review Purposes. Like most women, the type of fragrances that I love and enjoy change pretty often, depending on my mood or the current season. At any given time, you'll find a minimum of four different body washes in my shower. I keep … [Read more...]

Natural Kid’s Hair Care Products – Fresh Monster

I'm the proud grandmother to a 7 1/2 year old granddaughter and a 16 month old grandson. My grandchildren are the most important things in the world to me. I worry about them all of the time...the things they do, the things they eat and of course, the things that they use on their bodies. As a … [Read more...]

Natural Cleansing with the Soapberry Experience Set – Tree to Tub

Have you heard about soapberries, sometimes called soap nuts? They’re a natural cleanser, gentle enough for babies or people with sensitive skin but effective enough for the family laundry. Soapberries are the fruit of a tree (Sapindus mukorossi) native to sub-tropical Asia. They contain a substance … [Read more...]