12 Tips on How to Save Money on Gardening Expenses

I've been gardening for the past 7 years and I absolutely love it. I currently have 6 flower beds, 2 vegetable gardens and 3 berry patches. Over the years, I've learned quite a lot and today, I'm sharing some tips with all of you who are looking to save some money on your gardening expenses. 12 … [Read more...]

How to Properly Freeze Raspberries

Seven years ago we planted 4 raspberry bushes in our backyard and over the years, those bushes have given us a plentiful harvest every year. For us personally, we found that our raspberries grow the best in an area in our backyard that gets partial shade. They're not planted out in full sun and if … [Read more...]

Ten Tips for Effective Communication With Your Doctor

Sometimes my work as a family doctor the days don’t always go as expected. On a busy day, I feel like I’ll never catch up, and it’s frustrating that I can’t give adequate time to each individual patient. One afternoon not long ago, I was feeling unusually tired. I looked down at my schedule and saw … [Read more...]

CPR For An Infant – Is It Different

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life-saving method that can make the crucial difference between life and death. Often called the ‘kiss of life,’ CPR is essentially a heart massage, to get a heart in distress to keep the blood flowing in the body, so as to keep the organs functioning. This … [Read more...]

Tips for Setting Up Playdates with Disabled Children

Let's face it, all children whether they have disabilities or not...want to have friends and play dates with other children. As parents and grandparents, it's our job to encourage our kids to accept one another and to include others in their social circles and on playdates. There is a little girl … [Read more...]

5 Unique Ways to Throw Your Kids a Birthday Party

It is that time of year again and you need to start planning your child’s birthday bash. This can be a lot of fun but can also induce a great deal of stress. Every parent wants their child to have an exciting birthday party that is enjoyable for the kids as well as the parents that attend as well. … [Read more...]

Top 7 Ways to Make Money with Your Car

So, you need a bit of extra cash? Or are you looking to make a full-time income with your car? These days it is more doable than ever, it just takes a bit of creativity and determination to make it work. Here are the top 7 ways to make real money with your car. 1. Uber Of course, Uber is going … [Read more...]

Benefits of Using a Direct Lender

If you have any kind of loan or investment issue that you need advice on, the prior and best thing that you would look for is a direct person to talk to. That is when direct lenders come into forefront. Direct lenders help a person to get easy access to loans and help them to know all about the … [Read more...]