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2 Refreshing Lemon-Flavored Cocktail Recipes

We're getting into the dog-days of summer. It's been incredibly hot and humid here in the northeast. You know, those type's of days where you just can't escape the heat. While I enjoy summer, I don't enjoy the high humidity that comes along with it. There is still a LOT of hot summer weather left … [Read more...]

4 Delicious Margarita Cocktail Recipes

Cointreau is an essential in every margarita. We have some very unexpected and beautiful fresh trending cocktails that anyone can create this festive time of year including a Margarita Mule, Matcha, Spiced Strawberry and other trending ingredients, so that you can impress your guests or … [Read more...]

Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktails Recipe

Looking for a great cocktail recipe with just a little bit of a kick to it? Need something different for your next party and tired of the same old, same old cocktail drinks? If so, I think you're going to enjoy our guest post recipe today that's courtesy of THE COCOA EXCHANGE. You can visit their … [Read more...]

4 Easy-to-Make Cointreau Cocktail Recipes

Summer is now in full-swing and many of us are busy entertaining family and friends. Along with all of those fun summer parties comes great-tasting foods and thirst-quenching cocktails. Give your taste buds a wake-up call with a Cointreau Cold Brew or Cointreau Mimosa. Or give your classic … [Read more...]

Low-Calorie Cocktail Recipes for July 4th Celebrations

The July 4th holiday is less than a week away and many of us will be celebrating the holiday with family and friends. For those of you who enjoy a good cocktail from time-to-time but don't like the fattening calories that go along with it, here are some low-calorie cocktail recipes for you to … [Read more...]

3 Peach Flavored Cocktail Recipes for Summer

This year the warmer weather hit us sooner than expected and many of us have already been enjoying summer-like temperature for many weeks. Already this season, I've hosted two parties here at my home and attended several others. During the summertime I like to serve icy-cold and refreshing … [Read more...]

Easy to Make Skinny Cocktail Recipes for Summer

During the summer season we like to get together often with our family and friends for pool parties and backyard barbecues. When we host these get-togethers, everyone volunteers to bring a dish and we all get to enjoy some delicious food. As the party hosts, we're typically responsible for serving … [Read more...]

The Perfect Cocktail Recipes for Your Summer Party

Summer is just around the corner and many of us will be attending our hosting various get-togethers and parties throughout the summer season. During the summertime, we like to serve light and refreshing cocktails that our guests will enjoy. Here are two perfect cocktail recipes for your next … [Read more...]