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Vampire’s Kiss Cocktail Recipe for Halloween

For the past 11 years my husband and I have been hosting an annual Halloween costume party at our home. All of our friends and guests look forward to it every year. We decorate our front & back yards, the inside of our home and we serve great-tasting food and beverages. It's quite the BIG event … [Read more...]

Peach and Passionfruit Flavored Cocktail Recipes

When it comes to delicious cocktails, I'm all about the fruity flavors. I enjoy drinking cocktails that have a strawberry, passionfruit, blueberry or peach flavor to them. In addition, I want to taste more of the fruit and less of the alcohol when I consume them. Today's guest post recipe is … [Read more...]

4 Fall Harvest Cocktails and Latte Recipes

Fall arrived a little bit late here in the northeast and our temperatures are finally cooling down. Now that I'm in the mood for Fall, I'm ready to enjoy some delicious food and beverages to go along with the Autumn season. From a homemade Sweet Potato Latte to a classic Sparkling Pumpkin Spice … [Read more...]

Fruity Cocktail Recipes by Santa Margherita

My husband and I enjoy hosting the occasional party (especially around the holidays) and entertaining some of our friends & family members. I'm usually responsible for preparing the food and the Big E handles the bar and drinks. Our guest post today is by the great folks over at Santa … [Read more...]

Black Cherry and Minty Peach Cocktail Recipes

My husband and I enjoy hosting parties for our family and friends, especially during the mid-summer months and throughout the holiday season. The Big E typically handles making the main dish and I usually do the appetizers and dessert. When it comes to serving cocktails, that's something that we … [Read more...]

3 Easy-to-Make Cocktail Recipes

The weather has been really nice around here and I'm thankful for that. We like to get together with friends once a month for a little adult time. Everyone brings a dish and my husband and I provide the drinks. Thankfully, we can still entertain outside on our deck since the weather has been so … [Read more...]

Easy-to-Make Watermelon Cocktail Recipes

I love watermelon and just because summer is coming to an end, I'm not ready to give it least just yet. If you love beverages flavored with watermelon, I think you're going to appreciate these two easy-to-make watermelon cocktail recipes from our friends over at Sparkling ICE. Looking for … [Read more...]

2 Delicious Cocktail Recipes for Labor Day Celebrations

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean we need to stop sipping this season's cocktails just yet! Whether it be an outdoor BBQ, Labor Day pool party, or a viewing for the Game of Thrones season finale, I encourage you to relish in the end of summer with these refreshing cocktails at … [Read more...]