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Easy-to-Make Watermelon Cocktail Recipes

I love watermelon and just because summer is coming to an end, I'm not ready to give it least just yet. If you love beverages flavored with watermelon, I think you're going to appreciate these two easy-to-make watermelon cocktail recipes from our friends over at Sparkling ICE. Looking for … [Read more...]

2 Delicious Cocktail Recipes for Labor Day Celebrations

Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn't mean we need to stop sipping this season's cocktails just yet! Whether it be an outdoor BBQ, Labor Day pool party, or a viewing for the Game of Thrones season finale, I encourage you to relish in the end of summer with these refreshing cocktails at … [Read more...]

3 Cocktail Recipes for National Lemonade Day

Nothing quite beats a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. So get ready to celebrate this classic summer beverage because August 20th is National Lemonade Day! Zero-calorie Sparkling Ice offers a line of lemonades that give a sparkling twist to the summer classic, including Classic Lemonade … [Read more...]

Refreshing Cocktail Recipes for Summer Parties

Hosting a summer party this year? Looking for a few easy-to-make cocktail recipes? If so, I think you're going to enjoy the recipes from Bruce Cost Ginger Ale. Looking for more great cocktail recipes? You'll find over 250 cocktail recipes right here on the Two Classy Chics blog! Mojito … [Read more...]

Iced Tea Flavored Cocktail Drink Recipes

Do you enjoy drinking iced tea? Flavored teas? What about tea flavored cocktail drinks? If you said YES to those three questions, we've got two delicious cocktail recipes to share with you today. These recipes are courtesy of Sparkling ICE. Both are super easy-to-make! Savannah Smash Cocktail … [Read more...]

2 Refreshing Lemon-Flavored Cocktail Recipes

We're getting into the dog-days of summer. It's been incredibly hot and humid here in the northeast. You know, those type's of days where you just can't escape the heat. While I enjoy summer, I don't enjoy the high humidity that comes along with it. There is still a LOT of hot summer weather left … [Read more...]

4 Delicious Margarita Cocktail Recipes

Cointreau is an essential in every margarita. We have some very unexpected and beautiful fresh trending cocktails that anyone can create this festive time of year including a Margarita Mule, Matcha, Spiced Strawberry and other trending ingredients, so that you can impress your guests or … [Read more...]

Spicy Bloody Mary Cocktails Recipe

Looking for a great cocktail recipe with just a little bit of a kick to it? Need something different for your next party and tired of the same old, same old cocktail drinks? If so, I think you're going to enjoy our guest post recipe today that's courtesy of THE COCOA EXCHANGE. You can visit their … [Read more...]