Supporting Your Community – Firehouse BBQ Chicken Dinners

We love to support our local community and do it as often that we can. Here in our community local churches, firehouses, veteran’s clubs, etc. will host outdoor barbecues throughout the year. Most of them will hold them April through October, but some groups will do them throughout the winter months too.

Several weeks ago we went to a Firehouse BBQ Chicken Dinner Event and got barbecue chicken dinners (1/2 a chicken), a baked potato, corn-on-the-cob, dinner roll and bottled beverage. Per person (dinner) we paid $10.000.

Then two weeks ago we went to a local church who was hosting an outdoor BBQ Ribs Dinner and got dinners there too! Per person, we each got a rack of bbq ribs, baked potato, dinner roll, cup of applesauce and a bottled beverage for $14.00 a person.

Firehouse BBQ Dinner Fundraiser

These prices are comparable to a lot of the local restaurants and the food is just as good, if not better. Plus, we’re helping worthy causes right here in our own community. Personally, I think those prices are extremely reasonable! I wish more groups did these things as we like helping out and getting a good meal in exchange!

How many of you enjoy going out and participating in local community fundraiser events such as barbecue dinners like this? Does your community have them? If so, how often? Like I said, I wish our community groups would do them more often!

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  1. We always go to the local firefighters pancake breakfast in the summer with our grandkids. Very fun event and great pancakes. Other than that we haven’t done too much like that. This makes me think we should look for other events.

  2. Peggy Nunn says:

    We have local groups like that too. Our Church Youth raise money for trips through food. We get food there and with the local BBQ dinners too.

  3. We have a couple of places that do pasta dinners. I’d rather have the ribs or chicken.

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