The NEW Soft Pretzel Twist from Sonic Drive-In

How many of you enjoy eating soft pretzels? I know that I do and they are one of my favorite snacks to enjoy. I enjoy eating mine with salt and dipped in warm, melted cheese. My husband likes his plain and dipped in mustard and my grandchildren enjoy eating them just as much as we do!

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Soft Pretzel Twist from Sonic Drive-In

For those of you who live near a Sonic Drive-In you’ll want to head on out to your local Sonic and pick up their new menu addition…the Soft Pretzel Twist! You can order them with or without the signature cheese sauce. If you’re looking for the perfect beverage to go along with it, we recommend a Sonic Fruit Fizz which comes in three different flavors: Strawberry Peach Fruit Fizz, Mango Lime Fruit Fizz and the Raspberry Lemon Fruit Fizz.

We had the opportunity to try out the new Soft Pretzel Twists at our local Sonic Drive-In and let me tell you…they’re delicious! The soft pretzels are soft and chewy inside and a slightly-crispy outside. I really love that they’re in a twisted-stick shape and not your traditional pretzel shape. They’re a lot easier to hold and dip being in the stick shape!

Soft Pretzel Twist from Sonic Drive-In

The Sonic Drive-In Signature Cheese sauce is so good! It’s creamy and cheesy, just the perfect dipping sauce for your Soft Pretzel Twist! Plus, you get plenty of cheese sauce for your entire pretzel twist…unlike other places that give you a huge pretzel with a tiny cheese sauce and you never have enough.

You can head on over to Sonic Drive-In website to view their entire menu online, to find a Sonic location near you and you can follow them over on Facebook too!

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  1. Had the good fortune to stop at a Sonic Drive In a few weeks ago while on a road trip and enjoyed their burgers and milkshakes. Next time, will have to give the pretzels a try. The closest one is about 30 miles away so don’t get to indulge very often.

  2. Melissa Storms says:

    We stop at Sonic for a snack whenever we are in the area of our closest location. The banana shakes are my fave and I am going to try these also next time.

  3. Jenny Carlton says:

    These are not baked, they are fried. I figured it out quickly but contacted Sonic to confirm and they are indeed deep fried. I had one today, it’s good but I take exception to Sonic calling it a pretzel. It really doesn’t taste anything like a soft pretzel. It is deep fried and pretzels are never fried. It’s good but it should be called a Fried Bread Stick.?

    • I disagree with you, respectfully. I thought they tested 100% like a soft pretzel and my entire family enjoyed them. Matter of fact, we stopped by again yesterday and picked up more. Definitely not a fried breadstick at all.

  4. I usually go to Sonic for their limeade. Now I’ll have to go and try the pretzels and maybe the Sonic Fruit Fizz.

  5. I love soft pretzels and had no idea Sonic was selling them. There is just something about the warm soft bread and the saltiness of the exterior that just satisfies my taste buds. Guess I am asking Hubby to stop by Sonic this weekend.

  6. Cathy Jarolin says:

    I still wish there were a Sonic Drive Thru in our near our town.. I too love soft pretzels with cheese. Yummy! I agree some other places don’t give you enough cheese for your soft Pretzel.. Thank You for Sharing……

  7. I love soft pretzels and haven’t had them in so long. I will have to order these the next time I am at Sonic sounds like a yummy treat.