Articulated Animal Toys and Playsets for Preschool Fun

ANIA Animals Preschool Toys for KidsGet ready for a pack of animal fun with ANIA Animals, the all-new preschool line of articulated animals and playsets designed to inspire hours of nature-themed play and exploration. Highly-detailed ANIA Animals feature multiple points of articulation for realistic role play and feature animals from around the globe.

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The ANIA Animals come in various animal designs: dinosaurs, panda, red panda, arctic adventure, dino stomp, lioness, t-rex, koalas, killer whale, safari quest and stegosaurus.

ANIA Animals Preschool Toys for Kids

My almost 3 year old son is really into anything and everything dinosaur related. He has loved dinosaurs for the past year and they are his most-preferred type of toys to play with. For this review, he received the following toys:

The Dino Stomp is a diorama theme dinosaur play set that comes with 3 dinosaurs, a palm tree, pile of rocks and a nest full of eggs. Each dinosaur is articulated and can be posed for playtime fun. To go along with the play set he received the add-on Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex).

All of these toys are for children ages 3 and up, and affordably priced…starting at $4.99 and up.

ANIA Animals Dinosaur Toys for Kids

One of the things I really like about the ANIA animals is that they’re extremely well-made out of a hard plastic material, but yet light-weight. They’re perfectly sized for your child to play with at-home or while on-the-road. My son likes taking a few of them with us in the car when out running errands. In addition, if your kids are like my kids, I often find the toys in our bathtub too!

Next, each of the dinosaurs feature up to 5 points of articulation in their bodies, so he can pose them different ways. The Spinosaurus features an opening mouth, so he enjoys having that particular one “eat” everything in site. All of the dinosaurs and playset pieces work well together. He can play with them on the floor, on the table in his playroom or in the car.

The ANIA Animals are by a toy company we all know and trust called TOMY. You can learn more about them by visiting the company’s site online. You can purchase the ANIA animals from various retailers online and offline…across the nation. Chat with fans and connect with the brand on Facebook too.

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  1. So perfect for the imaginary play that kids so love. So neat that they can be posed in different ways and that the mouths open. Makes even more fun.

  2. Susan Hartman says:

    My grandson just did a polar landscape and used Ania Penguins and Polar Bears. During the summer he loves playing with his dinos in the dirt.

  3. So many of the kids in the family love dinosaurs. I would love to collect each one of these thank you for sharing.

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