A New Cookbook for Single Diabetics: Designed for One

Designed for One Diabetes CookbookCooking for one person can be a challenge, and if that person is diabetic, it can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, Nancy S. Hughes has collaborated with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to help solve this dilemma with a new cookbook, “Designed for One!”

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Just about a year ago, I reviewed another Hughes/ADA cookbook, The 4-Ingredient Diabetes Cookbook. Having made several tasty recipes from that book, I knew that “Designed for One!” would be equally as enjoyable, especially since I do have to cook for myself alone when my husband is away on business trips.

Designed for One Diabetes Cookbook

My usual plan for solo cooking is to utilize leftovers, but during my husband’s last trip, I realized by the fourth consecutive night of leftover enchiladas that it was not ideal, or even appetizing. Leafing through “Designed for One!” showed me many options that are worth the effort and much more rewarding than reheated leftovers. With these recipes, I’ll actually be looking forward to my solitary meals the next time I’m on my own! Here are a few recipes I’ve got marked for future reference:

• Gingered Carrot Salad
• Hot and Zingy Grape Tomatoes
• White Beans with Basil and Tomatoes
• Almond-Ginger Bulgur
• Red Pepper-Mushroom Skillet Pizza
• Chicken-Spinach Couscous

I’ve already made the Tender Almond “Baked” Apple recipe from the Extra-Easy Desserts section, and it was wonderful! I did make a couple of minor changes, peeling the apple and using a bowl rather than a plate. This simple treat was so good that I plan to double it to serve as a dessert when my husband is home.

Designed for One Diabetes Cookbook

Because “Designed for One!” is written for diabetics, each recipe includes the “choices/exchanges” needed to track and conform to a diabetic meal plan. Similarly, some of the ingredients are different from their mainstream counterparts, such as light butter with canola oil rather than regular butter or margarine, and low-carb high-fiber flour tortillas in place of standard flour tortillas. Perhaps most helpful, however, is the “How To” section of the book, which includes hints and tips for smart shopping, produce storage, freezing and thawing foods, techniques for easy food prep, and more.

Designed for One Diabetes Cookbook

The book’s subtitle, “120 Diabetes-Friendly Dishes Just for You,” hints at the wealth of recipes in “Designed for One!” It starts with salads, ends with desserts, and includes everything you can imagine in between: Sides, meat and meatless main dishes, seafood, grains, and pasta. And don’t think it’s only for people with diabetes—the recipes are indeed geared toward diabetics, but their wholesome, single-serving simplicity will appeal to anyone.

The book is available for purchase at the ADA’s online store. For more information about living with diabetes, visit the ADA’s website or Facebook page.

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  2. I was diagnosed with diabetes several years ago. I take medicine daily and have my levels under control. I had to change the way I was eating and definitely eating healthier. Several of my family members also have diabetes.

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  7. I have diabetes so yes must eat healthier. The whole family is trying to eat healthier too now but there are still times when they will have their old favorites that are bad for you and then I will fix my own version of that meal.

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    No one in my immediate family suffers from diabetes, but my grandma is taking medication for her high blood pressure/ cholesterol. This will be great for her.

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    My dad is diabetic & this would be perfect for him. Thank you for the chance to win.

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    I’m diabetic and could really use some motivation to cook well. Im afraid I blew it recently and have to get back on the bandwagon.

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    A close friend of mine was recently diagnosed and this would be super for her.

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    I cook for a large family.

  17. My mother suffers from diabetes. When I cook I usually cook for a medium sized family. I would so love to win this book we sure could use it.

  18. No one in my immediate family has diabetes but I have a friend and neighbor who lives alone and would benefit from a book like this.

  19. So far nobody in our family has been diagnosed with diabetes. My husband had something called “prediabetes” whatever that is, but huge lifestyle changes after a heart attack also seems to have stopped the progress of that.

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