Life+Gear Reusable LED Glow Sticks

Life+Gear Reusable LED Glow SticksAre you ready for an emergency or any kind of natural disaster? If not, you should be! Emergencies can happen at any time, any place and to anyone. They can last for a short time or drag on for weeks, sometimes for months. The best way to get through any type of emergency is to be prepared.

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Let me introduce you to Life+Gear who makes a line of Reusable LED Glow Sticks that will last 250% longer than a chemical glow stick. Matter of fact, they’ll last for 20 hours and are perfect to use during emergencies or during your outdoor activities. Each one measures 7 1/2″ in length.

Life+Gear Reusable LED Glow Lights

Product Features:

Reusable LED Glow Stick
20 Hours LED Glow
No Chemicals
Batteries are Included
Easy to Use
Indoors and Outdoors Use

These LED Glow Sticks are really easy-to-use. You simply twist the top left & right to turn them on and off. They have a variety of uses. Use them during parties, concerts, emergencies, blackouts, outdoor activities, etc.

Life+Gear Reusable LED Glow Sticks

We took the kids out to do some holiday activities last month and took our new Life+Gear LED Glow Sticks along with us. We have used those chemical glow sticks in the past and I really like these 100% better. They glow-light is stronger, they last longer and they’re reusable! I also like that they’re available in 3 different colors: red, blue and green. Fun!!!

Each one uses 3 button cell batteries which last a good length of time. When they need to be replaced, simply remove the end cap, remove the batteries and insert the new ones. There is NOTHING complicated about changing out the batteries at all.

Life+Gear Reusable LED Glow Sticks

Head on over to Life+Gear to learn more about the company and all of the excellent lighting products that they have to offer.

Giveaway: One lucky winner is going to win one Reusable LED Glow Stick from Life+Gear. Good Luck!!!

Giveaway Details: This giveaway is open to residents of the US ONLY age 18 and over. Please read our Terms of Service & Disclaimer Policy before entering. This giveaway will close on January 24th, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST time. No purchase necessary to enter or win.

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