The Benefits of Getting Kids into the Kitchen at an Early Age

In The Kitchen with KidsHow many of you have kids, grandchildren or other children around? If you do, I highly recommend that you get the kids into the kitchen and get them into the kitchen often!

When my daughter was little…she was taught to cook and bake at a very early age. Not only that, she is a highly skilled cook & baker now that she’s an adult and loves it. I contribute that love for cooking & baking to the fact that she got into the kitchen at an early age.

The Benefits of Getting Kids into the Kitchen at an Early Age

There are a whole host of great benefits of getting kids into the kitchen at an early age. Kid’s love to learn and cooking & baking helps them to learn to read, spell, write, follow directions and helps with their basic math skills. On top of those benefits, studies have shown that kids who learn to cook and learn to cook healthy meals at an early age will often keep those healthy eating & cooking habits once they reach adulthood.

Now that I’m a grandmother, I’m teaching my love for cooking and baking to my 8 year old grand daughter and I have to admit…she’s a pretty darn good cook already at her age! Just check out those fun pancakes she made a few weeks ago!

I know we all lead very busy lives these days, but I feel it’s extremely important to get our kids off their butts and into the kitchen on a regular basis. Even at a young age they can be taught basic cooking & baking skills and as they age, you build upon those! I feel that you should be teaching both little boys and little girls these skills! Cooking isn’t just for girls!!!

How many of you spend time in the kitchen with kids on a regular basis? Don’t got little ones at home? Well, try borrowing a few family members or neighbor kids if you can! Cooking is a great way to bond with children in a very positive and educational way. It helps them to become responsible adults too!

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I agree with you. I tried to teach my kids to cook and i shall teach my grandkids too

  2. I have been baking and cooking with my granddaughter since she was three and she is now very interested in trying recipes on her own. She is beginning to make simple dinners for her family and it is something I hope she continues to enjoy.

  3. I love this post and smiled when I read it. I remember helping my mother in the kitchen when I was a little girl. I think it is so important to have children help out and learn to cook at an early age both girls and boys.

  4. Peggy Nunn says:

    My son is teaching his girls how to cook at a young age too. The 9 year old is doing very well. The 6 year old gets in the middle of it but is not serious like her sister. She learned fractions at age 7 to understand what 1/2 Tsp really was. They always help me when they visit.

  5. ellen beck says:

    Icouldnt agree with you more! Besides learning to cook which is an important skill,it benefits in other ways. Kids in the kitchen teaches following directions, measurements , and seeing a completed project (and you get to eat it) It is also great bonding time. Even if someone has several kids, and it seems a bit daunting, take one in on specified days. ,
    Cooking with kids can be very fun, and they will remember it fondly!

  6. My mother had my sister and me in the kitchen very young. I believe that it is very important to get kids in the kitchen early and often. I still don’t bake but I am a good cook.

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