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Decluttering at the Speed of Life BookLoyal readers of this blog know that Shelly loves to clean and organize her home. I admire that about Shelly, because I dream of a clean, organized home, although it always seems outside of my grasp. But Dana K. White’s new book Decluttering at the Speed of Life has me believing that my dream can come true!

For many of us, decluttering our homes seems so monumental that we’re afraid to even begin. Dana’s open and understanding approach to the process gives hope that it truly can be done. She’s been there, and she readily shares her experience with the slow transformation of her home from cluttered and crowded to a welcoming, livable space, and how she adopted a new mindset to enable her to make and maintain that change. She shares her struggles, strategies, and stories, and she makes the reader feel empowered to tackle even the worst clutter.

Decluttering at the Speed of Life Book

Best of all, she’s not bossy about it; she doesn’t preach or establish rules that must be followed. Her approach is a nonjudgmental this-worked-for-me style. She uses words like “wackadoodle” and “psycho-babbly” and “wonky,” and when she needs to, she makes words up. “Deslobification” is my favorite of Dana’s made-up words because I totally get the concept, and I completely relate to her description of her decluttered bedroom as “door-leave-openable.”

At first, I thought Decluttering at the Speed of Life would mean timetables and schedules, but it really is about the speed of life, real life, whether that means blocking off days for a decluttering project or simply taking advantage of 5 spare minutes. It’s whatever speed your life allows for.

Decluttering the Junk Drawer

The book is intentionally repetitive, and I find that to be a good thing. The first few chapters define Dana’s basic steps for decluttering, then the book moves to descriptions of how to apply those steps room by room, and sometimes space by space within a room. Each of the chapters repeats the basic steps, describing how they work in that particular room or space. The final chapters are about family members and friends and their impact on and involvement with clutter and decluttering. Whether she’s addressing things or people, Dana’s examples from her own home are not only instructive but amusing, as well.

Decluttering at the Speed of Life Book

No matter the level of clutter in your home, Dana White will help you recognize it for what it is and then get it under control. She’ll also help you understand that decluttering is an ongoing process that gets easier as you learn to appreciate usable spaces that used to be stuff-filled. Visit Dana’s blog, A Slob Comes Clean, or her Facebook page for inspiration, ideas, and a few laughs, too.

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  2. Oh, yes I need to declutter. I now have 2 junk drawers in my kitchen. I need to declutter and get it to only one!

  3. Jana Leah says:

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  4. Jana Leah says:

    I have a number of drawers that need de-cluttering.

  5. I need to declutter my closet.

  6. Laurie Nykaza says:

    My house needs this clutter everywhere in all my drawers too love to read it.

  7. This is so awesome because I feel as if I am de-cluttering my life currently.. in batches. I definitely still have a good bitt of clutter in each room. So this would be so helpful!

  8. Crystal Ward says:

    I am planning to move back to Florida this year, so I need to get rid of a LOT of clutter to make the move easier! I have WAYYYY too many clothes, so that’s definitely the area that needs the most work!

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  10. I not only have clutter in my house but unfortunately quite a bit has ended up at my parents house and it is cluttering their house too! Would love to conquer it all.

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  12. I have clutter everywhere. I de-clutter a few times a week and my kids re-clutter.

  13. I would love to get my kitchen/pantry clutter figured out!

  14. I have a closet that I tend to put things in that I don’t know what to do with that would be good for me to clear out.

  15. My garage is the worst. Everything seems to end up there.
    Thanks for the contest.

  16. I have some bad clutter spots that could use some help. Especially my living room closet.

  17. )Oh boy do I ever. It’s shocking really. The real devil of the thing is that I really like most of it.

  18. Yes we have some areas in the house that have clutter that I need to tackle. I would like to start with one of our spare bedrooms and also some of the drawers in the kitchen. I would love to have this book.

  19. Susan Hartman says:

    I follow on bloglovin.

  20. Susan Hartman says:

    I’m planning on downsizing big time in about a year or two. Everytime I get a chance O work on a drawer or closet or box in the basement.

  21. Yes lots of clutter; i save everything and put everything in my pantry or counters; I need to get rid of some stuff and organize!

  22. I do have clutter…..some in every room I think! This is something I have been working on in the past few months.

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