Top 12 Holiday Cocktail Drink Recipes

Top 12 Holiday Cocktail Drink RecipesDuring the holiday season, I enjoy hosting several Christmas and holiday theme’d parties for our friends and family. Throughout the season, I’ll hold at least 7 parties, some will be casual get-togethers and other’s will be formal.

At some of our holiday parties we like to serve cocktail drinks and beverages. I think it’s important that if you’re serving alcohol at your parties, that you ONLY serve enough for each guest to have 2-3 drinks. We never “over-serve” guests and we always make sure that designated drivers are available to drive people home.

Over the years we’ve shared over 150+ cocktail drink recipes with all of you. I thought it would be fun to share with you our Top 12 Holiday Cocktail Drink Recipes. Why are they the top twelve? Well, according to our site stats, they’re the top favorites with all of our readers too!

You can click on each link below to go to the blog post that features the full recipe, along with a color photo of the finished drink.

Spicy Bloody Mary

Peppermint Mocha Cocktail

Hanukkah Blue Dreidl

Cranberry Aperol Spritzer

Sparkling Cherry Bourbon

Pumpkin Pie Martini

Rose Sangria

Black Raspberry Margarita

Pomegranate Blueberry Cocktail

Raspberry Sangria

Apple Cider Margarita

Sapphire Spice Cocktail Drink

Apple Cider Margarita Cocktail

If you’re going to serve alcohol at your holiday parties, here are a few tips to consider:

1. Designate one or two people to mix up the drinks. This way you’ll know who is drinking what and how many drinks they’ve had. Stipulate ahead of time that you’re ONLY allowing each guest to consume 2-3 beverages.

2. Make sure you have a few people on hand to serve as designated drivers. At our parties, anyone that has consumed more than 1 alcoholic beverage, can NOT drive until at least 2 hours have passed. Yes, we have rules and all of our guests know about them ahead of time.

3. Don’t go overboard with the booze! Pick out 3-4 different type’s of drinks that you’re going to serve and that’s it. You don’t need a dozen different options for a holiday party.

4. Make sure you’re serving food or appetizers to go along with the beverages. No one should ever drink on an empty stomach. In addition, you need to offer non-alcoholic beverages too!

5. You’re the boss and you’re in-charge of establishing all of the rules for the parties that you host. Make sure people know about them ahead of time and if they don’t like them, they can stay home. Period. You need to take authority and exercise that authority should the need arise.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    These are all good tips for recipes and how to help people when drinking at a party.

  2. These are helpful suggestions and I think the one about not going overboard and having 3-4 different types of drinks is a very good one. Otherwise it can get overwhelming and too complicated.

  3. Susan Hartman says:

    Thank you for the tips. I’m always incharge of beverages on Chrtistmas Day at my sister. The Apple Cider Margarita sounds like a winner.

  4. Dana Rodriguez says:

    Great tips and I love this holiday drink list. I am especially fond of Margaritas so I really want to try the Apple Cider Margarita and the Black Raspberry Margarita!

  5. ellen beck says:

    I dont much drink at all, but I dont mind others who do. One drinkk I enjoy is one with Baileys in it.To me, it is to warm up on cold nights or days. I add it to coffee. Not too exciting, yours look way better and a whole lot fancier! I just have a nip when I amespecially cold or have been shoveling !