3 Ancient Secrets to Keeping Your Skin Clear

3 Ancient Secrets to Keeping Your Skin ClearWith all the innovations within the beauty industry over the past few years, some women have come to feel that it can be complicated to keep up with a beauty regimen. Historically, ancient women may not have had access to the modern-day products we have today, but that does not mean they were not able to keep their skins beautiful and healthy. Check out some ancient secrets they had that kept their skins young-looking.

1. Keep your skin hydrated – everyone knows just how important this is. And it seems even women during the ancient times understood that hydration is the key to have supple young-looking skin. Skin aging is halted when your skin is plump, and your skin feels smooth. Back in the day, the ancient women used many things to keep their skin looking young-looking. The things they use vary from place to place. In China, for example, the elites of society usually used crushed pearls to keep their skin looking flawless. They not only mix it with other ingredients but even ingest it with powdered oyster shells. Meanwhile, in ancient Greece, using rose water is one of the most popular practices to keep skin smooth. If you want the flawless skin that these women had, you can try and look for products that include these ingredients in their manufacturing.

2. Use natural ingredients – while there are products that make use of natural ingredients, many modern products today contain a lot of chemicals that may not be doing good things to our skin. You’ll be glad to know that in the ancient times, even without access to these kinds of products, the women were able to keep their skin clear from such usual problems like acne, rashes or even wrinkles. Some of these you can actually make at home, while you can try and look for the ingredients in modern-day products for those things you do not have access too. For example, roses were really very popular in Greece. They consider it as a very effective in battling saggy skin, while in Egypt meanwhile, aloe vera is a must in their skin regimen. For other skin problems such as eczema, the Egyptians actually took some salt from the Dead Sea and added it to their baths. One thing you can try is the use of honey, which has been popular since the ancient times as a beauty ingredient.

3. Try some ancient practices – aside from the ingredients, the ancient women also had some practices that factored into their beauty secrets. For example, the Japanese and Chinese are well-known worldwide for their fair, flawless skin, and there are practices unique to their culture that can be practiced today. In Japan, they use facial massages when applying anything on their skin, believing that relaxing the muscles and improving skin circulation can result in smoother skin. The Chinese meanwhile believe in detoxification and cleansing their livers to keep their skins soft and clear. Another ancient practice is the hammam ritual, where the body is pampered with steam. This practice combined with exfoliation, will rid the skin of dry skin cells and keep it healthy.


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I believe that many of the ancient eastern practices would work well in the western world today. I know tht rose water and massages are used more now.

  2. Susan Hartman says:

    Its interesting to see hear the how & why ancient people did what they did. They learned from experimenting and then repeating what worked.

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