National Marbles Tournament and Championship in Wildwood

National Marbles Tournament and Championship in WildwoodSadly, the game of Marbles is one game that I’ve never learned to play. As a child, I would sit and watch my cousins play marbles, but personally…I never took any interest in it. I guess that’s because no one ever taught me!

For the past 3 years when we visit Wildwood in New Jersey during the month of June we’ve had the opportunity to check out their annual National Marbles Tournament and Championship. It takes place right on the Wildwood beach!

When the tournament isn’t going on, visitors from all over the world can come and practice on the marble game boards. During other times of the year, we’ve seen kids of all ages down there playing which is pretty cool to see.

National Marbles Tournament Wildwood NJ

Back in June of 2017 we watched one day of the tournament (the last day) and then watched the awards ceremony. Those kids and their families were really into it and you could tell that they were all proud of one another. Nice to see families supporting one another and really nice to see kids doing something other than video games!

Do you play the game of marbles? Have you ever played it? Do you enjoy the classic games or more modern games? Personally, I enjoy classic board games myself!

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I never knew that there was a National Marbles Tournament in Wildwood. It has been years since I played marbles and my kids played them a little too.

  2. Cathy Jarolin says:

    Wow! This post is interesting.. I never knew that there were marble Tournaments anymore. I thought marbles got lost since my generation. When we were kids I loved to play marbles.. Always trying to win someone else’s pretty marbles. Lost quite a lot of my own too! 🙂 Thank You for Sharing..

  3. I played marbles as a kid with friends in the neighborhood but that was a long time ago and I wouldn’t even know how to play anymore. But I do remember spending lots of summer days playing and having loads of fun.

  4. I’m with ellen again. I remember all those marbles and did play with them 60 years ago or so.

  5. To show my age, yes I have played marbles- I remember the aggies, cats eyes, the huge shooter marbles.I know we used to play quite a bit in the summer especially. The boys we played with could really ‘zing’ them, but I think us girls won with finesse with the more delicate shots. Hubby still has some of his old marbles 🙂
    I bet this is a cool tournament to see, and yep some are quite serious about the game!

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