Craft Project Oyster Shell Snowman Ornaments

Craft Project Oyster Shell Snowman OrnamentsFor the past few weeks we’ve been busy working on various craft projects for the upcoming Christmas holiday. The Princess and I enjoy getting together a few times every month and sitting down to craft with one another. Today’s holiday craft project is super-easy to make and will cost you next to nothing to make them! You could also try making it using thin river rocks or clean/dry small pieces of driftwood. You will need to drill a small hole to hang the ornaments in the top, no matter what you use for the base.

Craft Project – Oyster Shell Snowman Ornaments

Clean & Dry White Oyster Shells
White Acrylic Craft Paint
Orange and Black Fine-Tip Sharpie Markers
1/4″ by 7″ piece of Ribbon
Paint Brush, Water Dish and Paper Towels
Fishing Line 7-8″ Piece
Drill and 1/16″ Drill Bit

White Oyster Shell

Lay newspaper down on your work surface. Have an adult use a power drill to drill a small hole at the top of the oyster shell for hanging.

Paint the outside of the seashell with two coats of white paint, allowing the paint to dry for 30-45 minutes between each coat. Leave the inner-side of the seashell plain (don’t paint).

Craft Project Oyster Shell Snowman Ornaments

Use a fine-tip black Sharpie marker to dot on the snowman’s eyes, mouth and black coal buttons. Use a fine-tip orange Sharpie Marker to draw on a carrot-shaped nose. Let dry for 10-15 minutes.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the neckline to serve as the scarf. Thread clear fishing line through the hanging hole, knot and trim ends to form a hanging loop.

That’s it! You can hang these Snowman Oyster Shell Ornaments on your Christmas Tree, holiday present package toppers, hang from a wreath or garland and all sorts of other things! You’ll want to make a dozen of these cuties at a time!

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  1. Cathy Jarolin says:

    Your Oyster Shell Snowman Ornament. Is so cute! I bet it looks awesome on your Christmas Tree.. I really like the little Blue Scarf you tied around his neck. The color really pops out! Thank You for sharing your project..

  2. Dana Rodriguez says:

    That is so cute! We don’t live near the coast so I don’t have access to shells but I love how creative you are!

  3. I so love your craft ideas using shells. We collect sea shells when we go to the coast and I would love to make this snowman.

  4. gloria patteson says:

    I have not made craft projects like this in years. This all most makes me want to do some crafts but my hands just don’t like it.

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