Why Say Yes To Melanotan Tanning Peptide?

Why Say Yes To Melanotan Tanning Peptide?There has always been a question as to why Melanotan Tanning Peptide or Melanotan II should be used and why its usage should not be avoided. Read on to know what is Melanotan Tanning Peptide and its main benefits.

What is Melanotan II?

What is Melanotan II?

It is a synthetic analog of the peptide hormone alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone. It increases Melanin and also affects fatty acid oxidation, feeding and composition. It was developed at the University of Arizona. Melanotan II is also known as Mel, MT or most popularly as Barbie drug.

Benefits of Melanotan II

1. The usage of Melanotan peptide increases the level of Melanin in the skin. The increased level of Melanin causes the skin to darken causing skin tanning. This sunless tanning is most popular and is opted by people as it causes the skin to darken without any risk of causing skin cancer or dryness. The other ways of tanning, i.e., indoor tanning and lying in the sun are done by exposure to Ultraviolet rays which is the main reason of causing skin cancer.

2. Due to less physical activity and unhealthy eating habits by today’s generation, there are increased cases of obesity all over the world. The peptide is considered as an answer to obesity as it controls the food consumption capacity of men and thereby also helping in the reduction of weight.

3. By oxidation of fatty acids, it improves the insulin susceptibility

Melanotan Tanning Peptide

Forms of Melanotan II

It is available in the form of injection and nasal spray and hence, can be injected as well as inhaled. It is easily available in local and online medical stores. You will need a prescription to buy this.

For a dose of injection to be prepared, along with 10ml peptide, 2ml water has to be combined. The injection is painless as the needle used is similar to the one used by diabetic patients to inject insulin. Alcohol swaps have to be used to clean the vial before taking the injection.

Negative Impacts of Melanotan II

In the UK, it is not licensed and cannot be used even for the purpose of sunless tanning. Apart from the benefits, there are various side effects that occur with its frequent application. These are:

1. For the people who use it for the first time, they are likely to develop nausea and also weight loss.
2. It also leads to the darkening of moles. Therefore, it is advisable to people with many moles to avoid the usage of the peptide.
3. It leads to increase in libido in men as well as women.
4. Also, it may cause recurrent and spontaneous erection in men.
Apart from these side effects, various health agencies and regulatory bodies have also questioned the quality and safety of peptide.


As with every invention made by man, there is always a positive as well as a negative side to it. Hence, it is upon us to make our choice keeping in mind both the aspects.


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I would be afraid to use this peptide since there are negative side effects. I do not care if I look tanned during the summer months as long as I look healthy!.

  2. For me the negative aspects of it would certainly outweigh the benefits. I would be very cautious about using something like this.

  3. Yuk. This is not something I would even consider. Safety is a big concern.