Make a Face Children’s Book by Ricardo Alegria Jr.

Make a Face Children's Book by Ricardo Alegria Jr.Make a Face is an interactive, concept driven-picture book that shows how different facial expressions connect with different emotions by pairing them with corresponding animals that “come to life” as children make different faces on cue.

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Can you make a face as happy as a dancing hippo or as silly as a gaping fish? In this riotous, joyful, interactive picture book, emotions and moods are paired with corresponding animals that “come to life” as the young reader performs prompts given by the narrator. Making a “playful face” sends dolphins leaping from the water, and a “frightening face” reveals a great big elephant that’s terrified of a little mouse. While learning how different facial expressions connect with different feelings and concepts, young readers will be enchanted by how their participation creates magic at the turn of every page. Stretch those faces, and prepare to use your imagination, because some of them will be challenging, as will getting through the book without dissolving into giggles.

Make a Face Children's Book by Ricardo Alegria Jr.

About the Author

Born in El Salvador, Ricardo Alegria Jr. came to New York with a lifelong love of stories, poetry, music, and art. He was proud to become a U.S. citizen, having ardently admired the nation’s values and its abundant opportunity. He now lives in a sunny home in Palm Bay, Florida, part of a region known as “Space Coast” where his windows are often rattled by rocket launches and the occasional sonic boom from NASA’s testing facility a few miles down the road. Inspired by his love of classic children’s books like The Cat in the Hat, and Homer Price, Ricardo now writes innovative, whimsical stories he hopes will make kids laugh for generations to come.

Sara’s Thoughts

As a past elementary school teacher and librarian, I always love the ability to hear about and experience new children’s books. When given the opportunity to experience Make a Face, it was a no brainer. The best thing about this book is that it is completely interactive. Available October 10th, this will be the perfect title to add to your book collection in your classroom, library OR your home. Not only does it incorporate emotions that we experience in our lifetime, but it also includes bright colors and fun illustrations. The illustrator really helped the book come to life which made my reading experience much more enjoyable.

Make a Face Children's Book by Ricardo Alegria Jr.

I highly recommend adding this title to your collection. Not only do you have the ability to teach your children about emotions, but you can also incorporate animal sounds, animal movements, and colors. I guarantee you will be laughing for hours as you make a face like a monkey and swing your arms about or a frightening face like an elephant makes when he sees a mouse. With Christmas around the corner, consider gifting it to any child in your life that LOVES to read. You won’t be disappointed.

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