The Gettysburg Diorama and History Center

The Gettysburg Diorama and History CenterEarlier this year I featured the Gettysburg Diorama and History Center in Gettysburg Pennsylvania as one of our weekly travel features and many of you enjoyed that post. We’re pretty lucky that in the past year we got to visit the center twice and enjoyed our visit both times.

The Gettysburg Diorama and History Center is located at 241 Steinwehr Avenue in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Their hours of operation do vary depending on the time of the year. Within walking distance of the center you’ll find the Lincoln Train Museum, Soldier’s National Cemetery, the Gettysburg Heritage Center & Museum and several great gift shops, boutiques and restaurants to enjoy.

The Gettysburg Diorama and History Center

The Diorama depicts the 3-day battle of Gettysburg in 3-D miniature. To go along with it, you’ll watch a 30 minute light & sound show that really brings the battle to life. This is a family-friendly exhibit, however, I think really small children would get bored pretty quickly. It’s best for older children and adults.

The Gettysburg Diorama and History Center

After you watch the light & sound show, you’re free to walk all around the center viewing the diorama at your own pace. In addition to the diorama, you’ll see various Civil War displays showcasing items from the famous battle and war.

The Gettysburg Diorama and History Center

One of my husband’s favorite exhibits was the one that I’m showcasing in the photograph above. It shows various artillery shells and ammo that was used during the Civil War. These artifacts were dug up on the Gettysburg Battlefield and now call the Diorama home. It’s nice to have things like this saved & preserved for future generations to see.

The Gettysburg Diorama and History Center

I found the exhibit of a disabled Civil War soldier to be pretty interesting to see. Many soldiers were killed during that 3-day battle and many others were badly injured, including many of them receiving amputations right on the battlefield or in make-shift field hospitals.

If you love learning about United States history or are interested in learning about the Civil War and the Battle at Gettysburg, you really should pay a visit to the Gettysburg Diorama and History Center. To learn more, you can visit my original travel feature right here on the blog.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I remember your other posts about this diorama. I would love to see it and the other Gettysburg exhibits. The information about amputations, etc. sounds very interesting.

  2. Gettysburg is on my list of places I’d like to visit and see for myself. The battles fought there over those fateful three days were horrific, and so pivotal in the course of the war. Although I already know a lot about it, I’d love to be there in person and see the exhibits. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cathy Jarolin says:

    Another wonderful place to go to learn more about our History. This one sounds like one that we would really be interested in. I can’t seem to get enough History of our Great Country.. What I didn’t care for in school is what I cherish to learn more of Now..Thank You for sharing…

  4. ellen beck says:

    One day I hope to see Gettysburg. We have visited many of the battlefields so many ar disappearing now. Petersburg, Gettysburg and a few others I think will live on. I have always been fascinated by how much the medical field (and unfortunately the funeral business) learned during this war. The one we visited had a ‘working’ medical unit with reenactments and it was amazing how many amputations were done with so little medicines or cleanliness available.

  5. Peggy Nunn says:

    This sounds so interesting. I have been to many museums and displays. They are all great to see and study.

  6. I would love to visit this with my dad we are both so interested in this. I think we could spend a whole day here. Thanks so much for sharing these great pictures.