4 Things You Were About to Forget Packing for Your Cruise

The moment you’ve anticipated for so long has almost arrived. You’re packing for your cruise, preparing for those wonderful few days when you leave your troubles behind to explore the open seas. Once you’re onboard, however, you can’t go back for your stuff. Here are five things you were about to forget packing for your cruise.

Comfortable Shoes

Don’t wear new shoes on your trip! You’re going to do a lot of walking during your cruise, so wear comfortable shoes. The average ship is between 850 feet and 1,004 feet long. You’ll crisscross the length of it to reach many major activities. More importantly, you’ll do lots of walking when you stop at port cities. Some of these roads aren’t great, which makes for a miserable experience if you wear uncomfortable shoes.

Petty Cash

While you’re at port, you’ll shop at many local markets. Don’t expect these businesses to take credit cards. You also shouldn’t expect them to make change for large bills. Economies are different in each country. A small amount to you might seem like a lot to others. Don’t act like an ugly American who wants change for a $100 bill.

You should go to your bank and get petty cash. Get lots of $5 and $1 bills. You can tip well and splurge at any shop. You should also ask whether the locals accept American dollars. You may need to do currency conversion before you shop.


4 Things You Were About to Forget Packing for Your Cruise

Image via Flickr by Joe Turco

You need to protect your vacation investment. Inclement weather, mechanical problems, and other issues can ruin a cruise. You don’t want to lose your money due to circumstances beyond your control. You should buy additional protection to make sure that if something bad happens, you’ll get your money back. Failing to purchase this protection could cost you thousands of dollars. It’s a mistake you’ll never forgive yourself for making.

Power Charger

You will pack several electronic devices for your trip. A laptop, a smartphone, and a tablet are all possibilities. Each of them needs a charger. Don’t rely on the cruise ship to supply you with the appropriate chargers and cords. They may not stock the ones you need.

At a minimum, you should pack your laptop power plug and a USB cord for your smartphone. You may want to pack extra cords in case you lose one on your trip. While you may find these cords at a cruise store, you’ll pay a huge markup if you forget to pack them.


Women, children, and chronic migraine sufferers have an additional concern on cruises. These groups are the most susceptible to motion sickness. Even if you’re not included, you should still plan for the worst. Pack some Dramamine in case you feel nauseated. You should also remember any other medications that you take. Just in case, pack some aspirin and Neosporin, too. All ships have first-aid supplies, but you don’t want to wander around looking for them when you need medication.

You’re going to have a great time on your cruise. Before you head to the airport, however, make sure you have these five things.


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I would never forget these items on any trip. The comfortable shoes are something I always make sure to wear.

  2. ellen beck says:

    I honestly would pack totally wrong for a cruise. I mean if we ever went, I would be so excited I would forget everything. I would think meds would be pretty tough to get anywhere if you forgot them and I have no clue if the ships have access to get some!

  3. Susan Hartman says:

    I end up buying a watch every cruise I’m on. Everything is on a schedule and my phone is shut off.

  4. Comfortable shoes are must when traveling anywhere, not just on a cruise. Also have clothes with layers you can add or subtract.