Styling Your Clothes with Crafting

Any fancy girl wants to have clothes which are unique and inimitable. Therefore, women invent ways to transform an ordinary dress into unrepeatable one. They use glitter, different fabrics and services of professional seamstresses to make clothes appear perfect.

What is styling? Anyone can use simple things to decorate favorite jeans or T-shirt. These are pins, stickers, and badges. With their help, any stuff differs from another one. They are able to upgrade your clothes and don’t require a lot of efforts to be used. The majority of these tools can be found in the nearest shop and are affordable for everyone.

How to decorate favorite clothes?

When it comes to a person’s appearance, anyone wishes to have a unique look. The majority of stores offer similar stuff which doesn’t differ from other ones. Therefore, each person needs to take things into his own hands.

What to use?

• Glitter
• Badges
• Pins
• Stickers
• Paints for clothes

Any person can buy these tools to decorate his clothing. Each of them changes stuff beyond recognition.

For instance, you can use glitter to give a dress the effect of shine. There are various colors and sizes. If you have a need, you are able to find as classic silver or gold glitter, as modern blue or violet one.

The majority of stores offer different badges which are attached to jeans or T-shirts. You can find any possible ones. There are badges with dogs and names of popular bands. Any fashion-monger will find the one which his heart desires. Stickers play the same role. By and large, they are glued on the clothes. This stuff is made from the fabric and can also be found in any size and form.

Pins give your skirt or scarf a wonderful look. If a person adds this one to his style, he receives elements of modernity and uniqueness. You can also achieve the desired result using special paints. You are able to create various patterns and images. You have no need to worry about their appearance as these ones stay on the surface for long.

Decorating Clothing with Crafting Elements

Whether do it independently?

These tools don’t require a lot of efforts to be added into your style. You don’t have to spend hours making clothes. By and large, there are people who are too lazy to do this on their own. If you are one of them, ask a seamstress for help. This is particularly relevant for students who have no time to do this because of paper work. The issue can be solved by ordering the one on PapersOwl.

Their services don’t cost too much, and you get the perfect result. If you decide to decorate a dress with paints, it is better to refer the work to professional hands. If you have never done it before, asking for help is a power move to get clothes done on time.

Why style garments?

Why people make efforts to decorate clothes? If you wish to stay unique, you need to work for it. All shops offer garments which are practically separated at birth. Therefore, you need to find out a way which helps to differ one from another. By and large, these tips don’t require a lot of time to be added to the style.

These techniques will come in handy for any fashion-monger. All of them can find a tool which their heart desires. There are lots of ways to decorate wearing apparel, and anyone is able to master them.


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I love the idea of adding items to clothing. You can really make the clothes personal and in your own style.

  2. I think this is a fun idea and one I will share with my granddaughter who likes to wear clothes that are uniquely her style. It would be something that we could do together.

  3. I remember doing the bedazzler. Oh that was years ago! A big fashion thing around here (again) is blinging the bills of hats! I always liked the iron ons and tie dyes to decorate.

  4. I have never claimed to be a fashion-monger. But I have used iron-ons and paints to make neat t-shirts and regular shirts.

  5. This sounds like a really cool idea that the kids in the family would love. I will check more into this thank you for sharing this one.