DIY Craft Project – Decorating Flameless Pillar Candles

DIY Craft Project - Decorating Flameless CandlesI love flameless candles and I prefer using them throughout my home instead of traditional candles. With that said, flameless candles can look pretty boring, but don’t let that stop you from buying them! You can easily add your own decorations to them to match your home decor.

For example…on a recent shopping trip I found 6 flameless pillar candles with timers on clearance for $2.00 and $3.00 each. I used a 10% off coupon and got them even cheaper. I love shopping for bargains. The candles are plain…but pretty in their own right. However, I wanted to dress them up and make them even prettier!

DIY Craft Project – Decorating Flameless Candles

DIY Craft Project - Decorating Flameless Candles

For the first one I used a seafoam colored waxed pillar candle and dressed it up. I wrapped a piece of burlap ribbon around it (off-centered) and tacked it down in the back with a few little drops of tacky glue. Once dry…I simply added an abalone shell dragonfly brooch to the front. I pinned it right through the burlap ribbon. I can change out that brooch/pin as my mood changes or as the season’s change.

DIY Driftwood Flameless Candle

For the second one I used an off-white waxed pillar candle and dressed it up “coastal style”. I purchased a small bag of driftwood pieces at the local craft store. I used my hot glue gun and some hot glue to adhere the driftwood pieces around the base of the flameless pillar candle. I used uneven pieces, but you could certainly trim yours to be even. Since I used hot glue…it was dry within minutes and ready to be used. You could also glue on some small seashells, sand dollars and mini starfish too.

As you can see…you can easily change the look of your flameless pillar candles with just a few items you probably have on-hand or pick up at your local craft store. I decorate mine all of the time!

You can glue on silk flowers, dried flowers, colored pebbles, small seashells, all kinds of ribbons, add pieces of jewelry (great way to use broken pieces), glue on colorful buttons and so forth!

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  1. These are so clever and I like that you were able to score such a bargain with the candles. I really like the burlap ribbon with the pin because that would be so easy to do and to individualize.

  2. I really love this idea and think these would make cute Christmas gifts to friends and family. Thank you for sharing this great idea and have a wonderful day.

  3. ellen beck says:

    I like flameless candles. When I use ral ones I have to be very diligent with them. I like the smell of them bu the safety factor is a concern. I like how you decorated these you can still have the look of candles but without the worries.

  4. I don’t use real candles because of the cat. I like the idea of making my own decorations for flameless candles.

  5. Cathy Jarolin says:

    These Flameless Candles that you Decorated are Beautiful.. The one thing with fameless candles they will last forever.. My Husband doesn’t like real candles for the fear of a fire.. Especially when little kids are around.. So I have to use Flameless ones too. Thank You for these wonderful DIY Tips.

  6. Peggy Nunn says:

    Those are great ideas to use them. They will make great gifts too. My DIL loves candles but fear open flames with the children, so this is perfect for her.