Buffalo New York – City Skyline

Buffalo New York - City SkylineA few months ago we took a road trip from south central Pennsylvania up to Niagara Falls in New York. When it comes to traveling, I always prefer to go by car, so we can stop along the way and see the sights! I know some people prefer flying, but I prefer driving!

One major city that we had to pass through was Buffalo in New York. The major interstates in the area run through or around the downtown city limits. Thankfully on the day that we drove through, the weather was beautiful, but the traffic jams were totally nuts! Oh my gosh!

Anyway, every time we drive through a big city or around one, I always try to snap a few photographs of the city skyline if I can. The two photos that I’m sharing in my weekly travel post today were both taken on that particular trip as we drove through downtown Buffalo.

Buffalo New York - City Skyline

As we drove through in heavy traffic, the city reminded me a LOT of driving through Philadelphia and being on the Philly Expressway. Gosh, I hate those big expressways that seem to always run through big cities and are loaded with traffic 24/7. Yes, it drives me nuts!

Well, there you have it. Two photographs of the skyline in Buffalo New York. Have you ever visited Buffalo? If so, what kind of things did you see or do during your visit?

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I have never visited Buffalo, NY, but I am curious about it. All big cities seem to have horrible traffic jams . If I am going to drive near or through one I try to time it to be very early.

  2. That place is huge!I usually avoid large cities if possible.. The traffic drives me bonkers.The only big ones we have constantly been through is Minneapolis and thats not terribly bad except in winter. We have an Aunt there we see.
    I like your pictures of the skyline!

  3. It has been 40 years since I visited Buffalo so this was interesting to see how it has changed and become more of a major city. I can still tell when someone is from the Buffalo area by their accent.

  4. Cathy Jarolin says:

    No I have never visited Buffalo New York before. Your Pictures of the Skylines are Lovely! Kind of reminds me of Chicago’s Skylines..My Husband and I always preferred to Drive on our Vacations. We always stopped to eat and spend the night at a Hotel.. Get up at the crack of Dawn and continue our Journey. You do get to see slot of sites that you would miss by Flying. Thank You for sharing this awesome trip with us..