Baseball Game Fun at Yankee Stadium

Baseball Game Fun at Yankee StadiumDo any of you enjoy Major League Baseball? My family is mostly a Phillies fan, but personally…I’m a Yankees fan and have been a NY Yankees fan for many years!

Last month we took the 3 hour drive up to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx (a borough in New York City) to enjoy a Yankees game. Luckily for us, we went to a home game during a weekend, so we didn’t have to fight a lot of rush hour traffic.

Yankee Stadium in New York

Yankee Stadium is one the biggest stadiums in the world. I read online that it was built in 2009 and at the time…was the most expensive one to build. When you walk through the stadium it just oozes with class. The design and layout is just beautiful if I say so myself.

Since I’m a big Yankees fan, I really enjoyed seeing all of the awards, player recognition, player memorials & dedications which are hung up all over the place. A great reminder of some of the greatest players to have played the game came from the Yankees team!

Yankee Stadium in New York

We had a great time watching the Yankees home game (yes, they won!) and I’m hoping that we get the opportunity to attend another game next year. Do you enjoy watching professional baseball? If so, got a favorite team?  Tell me all about it!

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  1. Yes we do watch baseball. We have been to a Cardinals game and we saw one of the home runs when McGuire broke the record books. Our favorite team is the White Sox though and we havent been to their stadium yet but maybe we will.