3 Celebrity Arrests that Surprised Us in 2017

People often look up to celebrities. After all, they entertain their audiences through the roles they embody, live lifestyles people view as worth emulating, and reach out to fans in ways that endear them to all. And the media portrays them as being paragons of virtue whom everyone should emulate — which is why it’s always somewhat of a surprise when a celebrity winds up in trouble with the law. Learn about three such arrests that caught us off-guard in 2017.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

Image via Flickr by TourProGolfClubs

Tiger Woods swept the links like Michael Jordan slam dunked the basketball. Woods has inspired countless kids to take up the game of golf and became a hero to many as he coolly knocked golf balls across the most challenging courses.

It came as a bit of surprise when he got a DUI over Memorial Day weekend. But alcohol wasn’t in his system. Rather, the substances were Xanax and Vicodin, two opiate-based painkillers that he mixed together. Woods had back surgery earlier in the year, and he was probably taking the medication for pain management. However, he should have used better judgment before getting behind the wheel of his vehicle.

Miles Teller

Miles Teller has seen his career take off after starring in the Oscar-winning movie “Whiplash.” While seeing one of his friends off to a career in the military, Teller started his troubles when he overdid it with the drinks.

An officer observed Teller having difficulty standing and approached the actor to understand the problem. The officer started to question Teller, who then became uncooperative rather quickly. Teller was already having trouble standing and almost found himself lying in the street. The officer decided to cuff Teller and offered to take him to a detox center.

Teller made the unwise decision to refuse, but the officer tried to take him to the detox center in the hopes that Teller would cooperate. When it became clear that no cooperation was forthcoming, the officer arrested him and charged him with being intoxicated in public. While the charge itself is only a misdemeanor charge, it’s a charge nonetheless.

Ahman Green

Children aren’t always the joys and blessings they’re made out to be. Parents may sometimes find themselves driven to their wit’s end by an obstinate child. But most parents generally don’t stoop to the level of abuse as a form of discipline — except for Ahman Green, that is.

Green decided to throw his 15-year-old daughter to the ground, then hit her in the face after she refused to do the dishes. Further compounding the matter is the fact that Green admitted to police that he slapped his daughter upside the head. Green found himself arrested and charged with child abuse for his actions against his daughter.

All of these examples go to show that celebrities today — and in past decades — are and have been capable of bad judgment of varying degrees. Sometimes people make the wrong decisions while others make very poor decisions and wind up in the spotlight as a result of their actions.


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I am not surprised that celebrities make mistakes. they are only people and don’t always show good judgment.

  2. Celebrities are human too. We all make mistakes. We don’t need to demonize or glorify them for making a mistake.

  3. ellen beck says:

    I honestly have never really ‘looked up’ o any celebs especially the ones within the past 30+ years. I like you am really disliking them putting heir political views out there like Kathy Gifford did (one I can think of recently) There are some that really surprise me with what they ‘think’ is alright.
    The only name up there I recognized was Tiger Woods… thats how little I pay attention to most of it.

  4. Peggy Nunn says:

    Yes, they are people with normal failures. It is sad for all of us. Those that want to live in the public life… need to realize they are held to a higher standard in some’s eyes. They need to realize that.

    • I agree. Whether they like it or not…they are held to higher standards. I’m one of those type’s of people who really don’t like most Hollywood Celebs. I hate it when they butt into our personal lives with their opinions or political opinions. Blah.

  5. Yep, celebrities are just people. And as such, when they do bad/stupid things we find out about them.