Fun, Frugal, Finds – Back to School Clothing for Kids!

Frugal Finds and Hot DealsWe’re approaching the end of July now and we’ve already started our back-to-school shopping for the Princess. Every school year I sit down and go through my finances and then I set a budget on what I’ll spend. I’m pretty frugal, but I like her to have nice things, so I’m always shopping for bargains and clearance deals.

Around here we have a large department store called Boscov’s. You’ll find them in several northeast locations. Every summer they put a big tent out into their parking lot and move their clearance items out into the tent & mark them down even more. I love visiting the Boscov’s tent sale and looking for bargains!

Back-to-School Kid's Clothes from Boscovs

Two weeks ago I hit up their tent sale and here’s partially what I found.

1 Girl’s top with a detachable scarf (reg. $19.00) Clearance for $3.99
2 Girl’s Tops with a detachable necklace (reg. $19.00) Clearance for $3.99
20 Slim Hangers in a pack – Clearance for $5.99
Vanilla Cookie Liquid Hand Soap from Softsoap for .95 cents each (got 4 of them)
1 Child’s Backpack (reg. $24.99) Clearance for $4.99 (forgot to take photo)

I’ve been re-doing all of my closets with those slim-style hangers and have been paying a fortune for those hangers from another retailer. I swear I got back at least 50% of my closet space by switching over to them. Anyway, now I’m working on switching over to the hangers for Princess’ closet at her house.

Slim Style Closet Hangers Save Closet Space

We’re all big hand washers, so I kept 2 of the liquid hand soaps for my house and sent the other 2 over to her house. Rule #1 after she gets in the door from school? Washing your hands!!!

Well, there you have it! My latest Fun, Frugal, Finds! Did you go out shopping lately? Did you find any good bargains or clearance deals? If so, what did you find and where did you find it? Tell me about it!

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  1. The clothes are adorable and your granddaughter will look so cute in them. I have not heard of slim style hangers and now I think I will be on the lookout for them. It would sure make a difference in closet space.

  2. Cathy Jarolin says:

    The only store My husband and I go to regularly is Walmart for our Groceries and what ever else we need. We go their usually 2 times a month. It takes us so long to do the Grocery shopping we are both too tired to go look at sales in Different depts. I do alot of my shopping online for Birthday Presents and things for the Grand Children.. You really got a good deal on the items you bought..I Think Bargain Hunting is Fun.. I used to do it myself when my children were young..

  3. I really love mixing and matching blue and turquoise colors like that. I bought many separates in blue colors for swimwear one year and still wear them, and of course the turquoise jewelry matches as well. I love those hangers and found some at the 99 cent store for 1.99. I watch for bargains on HSN as sometimes they have free shipping and their $10 clearance items will go on sale for $5. That way I don’t have to fight the traffic.

  4. I haven’t been shopping (except for groceries) for at least a couple of months. There isn’t anything I need.

  5. Wow that was a major score on that backpack and I love the tops you got. I haven’t really hit any stores lately. I did stop at the Dollar Tree and picked up some dental stuff and laundry softener yesterday. I need to hit some back to school sales soon.