Dress-Up Clothing and Costumes for Little Boys

Dress-Up Clothing and Costumes for Little BoysWhen my daughter was a little girl they didn’t have dress-up clothing like they do now. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s, parents were forced to buy crappy Halloween costumes or make dress-up clothing themselves. Looking back, I think childhood had to be pretty boring at times for my daughter.

Fast forward 30 years and now parents and grandparents can find quality-made clothing and costumes that are specifically designed for creative play. When children dress up, it really helps them to play the part that they want to play. It helps to expand their creative little minds and keeps them entertained for hours on end.

Dress-Up Clothing and Costumes for Little Boys

Let me introduce you to Little Adventures who markets their little kid’s dress-ups, clothing and costumes here in the USA and around the world. The company sells soft, washable, affordable dress ups. The company was started 15 years ago by two moms who were tired of itchy, scratchy dress ups that fell apart and were not washable.

When you shop at Little Adventures you’ll find Princess dresses & costumes, fairies & dance clothing, knights & dragons clothing, super hero cloaks for little boys, toys, accessories and more!

Dress-Up Clothing and Costumes for Little Boys

For this feature we were sent the adorable little boy’s Adventure Dragon Cape & Sword Set. This set is for kids ages 3-8 years of age. My grandson is just about 2 years old and loves this set, even though the cape is just a tad too long for him right now. But…as you can see from my photos, he was running around slaying my bushes (the bad guys) and wouldn’t stand still for me to get a clear shot. Yup, he loves  this set!

The cape measures 24″ from neckline to the bottom hem. It’s machine washable (I would hang to dry) and features an adorable shiny dragon scale print. It’s comfortable for the kids to wear thanks to the velcro closure at the neckline. It’s a LOT cuter than what my photographs show!

Dress-Up Clothing and Costumes for Little Boys

To go along with the cape is a foam sword. I appreciate that it’s made out of soft foam, this way kids won’t get hurt, nor will they hurt our household items! Prince is 2 years old and was able to safely play with the sword. He’s younger than the recommended age, but we keep a close eye on him when he’s playing.

The very first day that I gave him the cape & sword he wore it for an entire 3 hours. When it came to naptime, I had to fight him to get the cape off…but he snuggled that foam sword like a stuffed animal and slept with it! LOL

Dress-Up Clothing and Costumes for Little Boys

I think dressups and costumes for kids are so much fun! It helps them to play creatively and to play the part they’re trying to represent with style. You can use these for creative play time and then use them for Halloween or to attend costume parties. So much fun!

Head on over to Little Adventures to check out all of their adorable little girls and boys dress-up clothing items, costumes and accessories. You can check the company out on Facebook too.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Kids always love to play dress-up and it does not have to be Halloween for them to use costumes to play in an imaginary world.

  2. I know that my grandson would have such a good time with these dress up outfits. He is just getting to where he likes to play pretend so these would be perfect. What a fun activity.

  3. I remember the little boxes of Halloween costumes with the plastic masks. They were so hot to wear but we loved them back in the 60s. Little girls have mom’s things to play with but little boys probably do miss out. I think super hero costume pieces and pirates would always be a hit with them and they can double as Halloween accessories, so great investment.