10 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Abroad

Travel - Vacation - TripYou don’t have to break the bank to plan an exotic vacation overseas. Here are just a few destinations where you can enjoy the sights without paying an arm and a leg for the pleasure!

1. Vung Tau, Vietnam

Vietnam isn’t an expensive country even in its big, bustling cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, but if you want to save every dollar that you can, consider side-stepping to somewhere like Vung Tau. It will still deliver an authentic food and drink experience, but it won’t cost as much to enjoy.

2. Mukdahan, Thailand

Mukdahan is a tiny coastal town tucked away in the northern hills of Thailand. With a population of just 47,000, it’s a very quiet, low-key place where you can wander the beaches and shrines in peace. Don’t think that it’s boring, however! There are thriving street markets where you can mingle with the locals and pick up souvenirs to always remember your trip to Thailand.

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the cheapest travel destinations in southeast Asia. Not only can you live like a king for pennies on the dollar, but many of its attractions are either free or so low-cost that it feels like a crime. In Siem Reap, for example, you’ll have access to the ruins of Angkor Wat for less than the cost of a McDonald’s lunch.

4. Szeged, Hungary

Hungary can get a bit expensive when you’re hailing cabs and eating rare steaks in Budapest. Thankfully, Szeged offers a more affordable alternative. You’ll still get to marvel at the bleached colonial architecture of places like Klauzai Square and the Szeged Csanad Cathedral, but you won’t have to pay top dollar to enjoy it.

5. Jaipur, India

India tours will take you everywhere from the gleaming skyscrapers of Mumbai to the sandstone temples of Bhubaneswar, but if you’re serious about sticking to your budget, you’ll want a tour that eschews these popular tourist traps. Look for guides that will take you somewhere like Jaipur. As a very travel-friendly destination, it offers food and lodging at reasonable prices.

6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s easy to spend too much money in Buenos Aires, so if you suffer from poor impulse control, this might not be the city for you. If you’re willing to track your expenses while on vacation, however, there are many hostels, cafes and hole-in-the-wall establishments that can stretch your budget while still letting you experience the glory of Argentine nightlife.

7. Matsuyama, Japan

You don’t have to travel to Tokyo or Kyoto to enjoy an authentic Japanese vacation. In fact, you’ll probably have a more genuine experience in the old-fashioned city of Matsuyama than you would in the country’s more touristy areas. Its temples and bathhouses date all the way back to the 1890s, and many of its shrines are designed to reflect generations past.

8. Oruro, Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the few landlocked countries in South America, but if you don’t mind missing out on the beach, it’s a country full of culture and historical value. It can also be quite a lot of fun! For example, it’s home to the annual Carnaval de Oruro, a city-wide festival where people drink, dance and entertain each other in masks.

9. Drakensberg, South Africa

The Drakensberg Mountains are some of the most beautiful in the world. If you don’t mind getting a little dirt under your fingernails, you can hike, bike, climb and camp among breathtaking scenery and a wide assortment of native animals. There’s nothing like waking up to an outdoor sunrise and the sounds of birdsong.

10. Tikal National Park, Guatemala

Located in the heart of the South American rain forest, Tikal National Park is your portal to everything from jungle animals to ruined Mayan citadels. Just make sure to stay on the right side of the rules since it’s a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. It might be cheap, but it has cultural and historical value.

These are just a few budget-friendly destinations for your next vacation. Who says that you have to spend thousands of dollars to see the world? Pick one of these locations and have a blast without emptying your wallet.


  1. Interesting places to visit. I’m saving for a trip to New Zealand. Any frugal tips for there?

  2. Friederike says:

    These look like wonderful travel destinations. I would love to go to South Africa one day. its such a beauttiful country. I fell in love with the landscapes when they hosted the soccer world cup.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. I so love to travel and these destinations sound amazing. Thank you for sharing this great post I will keep these places in mind for the future.