Tips to Create or Improve Your Craft Room

Tips to Create or Improve Your Craft RoomArts and craft is a serious business. Some people are interested in them from when they were little – you might remember the classmate who gave you handmade cards and invitations. Some discover it later in life, as a way to disconnect from the busy world and find themselves. A lot of people make it a career and a livelihood.

If you’re serious about crafting, you should consider a space dedicated only to it. We are talking about a craft room. You’ll know best what budget works for you, but there are a few general ideas that you can keep in mind to create your craft room.

1. Light

Craft is detailed work and the more light you have, the better. If this is natural light, it’s a winner. Think of large windows that capture most of the day’s light and bring with it freshness and energy. If natural light isn’t possible, artificial lights are okay too. Make sure that they are not harsh on the eyes and that they do not take up too much electricity. If you have ceiling lights already in place, you may think about a desk lamp to give you better focus.

2. Furniture

Here, two things are of primary importance- a desk and a chair to go with it. Depending on what craft you’re interested in, both will change. For instance, if you’re an artist, you may need a large slanting desk with holds on the side for your paper to stay in place. If you’re a seamstress, you will need a desk that also has space for your sewing machine. Don’t scrimp on the desk- a big work space gives you room to explore. Make it a non-fussy piece of furniture so there are fewer things to distract you while at work. Your chair needs to be ergonomic and adjustable so there’s less strain on your back. Wheels are good too so you can move from one space to another. If you’d like to add a daybed or a chair or two, you should.

3. Storage

Storage is key in a craft room. You’ll need space to preserve your work once it’s done. You’ll also need even closet space for your supplies. Most desks do come with draws, but you will have to get a separate shelf or chest of drawers to help you with storage. It could be a simple cart that you can move around the room, or a cabinet or racks. You could also nail pegs to the wall to hang tools and to make use of the space in the room.

4. Inspiration board

Take a soft board and put it on the wall. Fill it with all the things that inspire you. Vibrant travel scenes, colorful food, artistic designs, and work you admire. Draw inspiration from the board when you’re feeling low or just want to charge those creative batteries.

Think about warm, cheerful colors and personal artifacts that will make the space even more you. A craft room is a personal oasis where you can get your best work done. Do invest some time and effort in it to make sure that your dreams become reality.


  1. My big L-shaped desk is a multi-work space since I don’t have rooms to spare in my one bedroom apt. In fact, my desk and inversion table (for exercise) is in the space people usually put their dining room table! It faces corner walls so the suggestion for an inspiration board would work well. I have plenty of storage since I cleared out my paper books for craft supplies that fit neatly in my bookcase. It’s not by a window but other than that, it’s starting to shape up and even work for sewing projects as well.