Oogie’s Rainy Day Adventure Children’s Book

Oogie's Rainy Day Adventure Children's BookPerseverance is a necessary life skill that every child should understand. But teach your children this valuable skill is not always so easy. How can parents start the conversation about the value of taking risks and never giving up in order to achieve their goals now, and to set them up for future success?

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Enter Oogie the Bear, the star of the #1 Amazon Bestseller in the children’s book category, Oogie the Bear’s Rainy Day Adventure. Written by award-winning author Michael Weinberger, and featuring colorful artwork by commercial illustrator and fine artist Steve Bonham, this unique story teaches children and their adult reading companions the value and rewards of perseverance. It tells the story of Oogie, a little bear who, despite all the obstacles set in front of him, doesn’t give up on achieving his goals. One day, Oogie runs out of crackers — one half of his favorite daily snack, peanut butter and crackers — and sets out on a problem-solving, rainy day adventure! Will he give up before he gets his paws on the crackers necessary to fulfill his craving?

Oogie's Rainy Day Adventure Children's Book

Providing silly fun both parents and children will find pleasure in reading together, Oogie the Bear’s Rainy Day Adventure is the perfect way to start talking about perseverance.

This book is geared towards children in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade and contains 38 pages. ISBN 978-0983768340.

Every time my 21 month old grandson and 8 year old granddaughter stay overnight…I make sure that I sit down with them at bedtime and we read 2-3 books together. My grandson typically falls asleep during book #2 and then my granddaughter takes over reading.

Oogie's Rainy Day Adventure Children's Book

Oogie’s Raindy Day Adventure is an fantastic book that is beautifully written (by Michael Weinberger) and has the cutest illustrations (by Steve Bonham). The story is written in a way that young children will understand it’s meaning and they’ll learn the message that the author is trying to convey. It’s a fairly easy read and is one of those books that your children will repeatedly ask to read (or you to read to them). It’s a great addition to my grandchildren’s library.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I like a children’s book with a good story line and beautiful illustrations like this one. I am trying to expand my grandchildren’s library and this would be a good addition .

  2. I like this book too and kids can really relate the dilemma, since most have run out of their fave food at some time. I always thought today’s kids would have problems with stick-to-it-tiveness, since we live in such an immediate gratification society. I know I’ve seen my share of temper tantrums in the stores and parents could really use a book like this to drive the point home.

  3. Cathy Jarolin says:

    What a Sweet Children’s Book.. It really has a Good story line. One that will keep the Child’s attention . The illustrations in the Book are so colorful.. I know my Great Grandchildren would love this Book.. Thank you for sharing..