Kid’s Craft Project: Beaded ID Name Bracelets

Kid's Craft Project: Beaded ID Name BraceletsEvery time I visit one of our local dollar-type’s of stores, I check out their craft supplies department. I keep a big plastic bin at home fully stocked with craft supplies for when my granddaughter is over visiting. It’s the perfect way to keep her entertained and to teach her valuable crafting skills at the same time.

Two weeks ago I found a package of square-shaped alphabet beads and a package of elastic cording at that type of store for $1.00 per package. I knew as soon as I saw them that she would use them to make beaded ID name bracelets and necklaces. Yup, I was right and that’s exactly what she did. She was able to make 4 bracelets and 3 necklaces for just $2.00 total. Now…that’s what I call frugal crafting for kids!

Kid's Craft Project: Beaded ID Name Bracelets

Kid’s Craft Project: Beaded ID Name Bracelets

1 pkg. square-shaped alphabet beads
1 pkg. elastic cording (for jewelry making)
Measuring Tape

We used a measuring tape to measure around the wrist (or the neck) and then doubled that measurement. We then cut the elastic cording to equal that measurement. If making a bracelet, you’ll want to place a large knot in the elastic cording about 3 to 4″ in from one end. Thread on your beads to spell out the desired name. You can knot in-between each bead if desired. We tried that and didn’t like the look of it, so we omitted the knots. Spell out the name and then make another knot after the last bead has been placed onto the cording.

Kid's Craft Project: Beaded ID Name Bracelets

Tie the beaded cording around the wrist, leaving 3″ to 4″ un-beaded at each end. Knot together both ends securely. We knotted about 4 times to make sure it wouldn’t come undone. You can also add a spot of tacky glue and let it dry to make sure the knot/ends are secure. You want the bracelet to fit snuggly since it’s on a stretchy elastic cord. Once you have your sizing correct you can knot and cut off the excess length.

You will follow the same process to make a necklace. When we made the necklace, the Princess decided to spell out her first name, middle name and last name with a blank square bead in-between each name. This filled up the necklace space nicely.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Kids love to make name bracelets. they enjoy wearing them and showing them off to friends. I shall check and see if our local dollar store has these items too.

  2. ellen beck says:

    These are so fun to make. I know like you I have found these at the Dollar Store and also Family Dollar. Where I have found them in there is sometimes around the hair braiding areas oo as well as their small craft stuff. I loved making these with my nieces and they enjoyed them too. They made them for friends.

  3. heather says:

    I wonder if our local dollar store has these? I am so going to check it out. I love this crafting idea and that price is amazing. Thank you for sharing this post it sounds like a fun one for us to do.

    • Heather…it was the DOLLAR STORE here in our area where I found them. Not the dollar store that has some things for $1.00 and other things for more. I hope that makes sense. Those stores are so competitive with one another so I try to not get extremely specific on which store it was unless they’re sponsoring the post…which they’re not. They have a small craft supply section and they had other cool beads too…different colors, styles and shapes.