How to Keep Pests and Snakes Out of the Garden

OUTXPRO Solar Energy Snake and Pest RepellerWe live in the suburbs and for the past 4  years we’ve had big problems with groundhogs, possums, skunks, snakes and other “pests” getting into our garden. In the past, we’ve had to spend time and money putting up wire fences around both vegetable gardens to try to keep them out. While the fencing helped, it did not stop the pests from getting in.

Last September I got the OUTXPRO Solar Energy Snake and Pest Repeller to try to halt the problem we were having. Since it was toward the end of the gardening season, I only had the opportunity to try it out for 4 weeks. During that time, I noticed a huge difference, but really wanted to put it to the test this year over a longer period of time.

OUTXPRO Solar Energy Snake and Pest Repeller

We planted our vegetable gardens in May and after all of our plants were in, we added in the OUTXPRO Solar Energy Snake and Pest Repeller. We decided to place it in our tomato, onion, lettuce and pepper garden. This was the garden that was specifically attacked last summer by all of our unwanted guests.

In the past, not a day would go by that we didn’t see an unwanted guest in or around our garden. This year has been a totally different story! While it hasn’t stopped them 100% of the time, I would estimate that 95% of our problem is now solved! Yes, it’s pretty much solved! Matter of fact, in the past 3 months we’ve only caught one groundhog, one garter snake and two rabbits messing with our garden! Wow, that’s a huge improvement!

OUTXPRO Solar Energy Snake and Pest Repeller

Your welcome to re-visit my original review on the OUTXPRO Solar Energy Snake and Pest Repeller that I wrote last year to get all of the particular product information. I felt it was extremely important to give you all an adequate update on the product since I’ve been using it for several months this time around.

If you’re having problems with unwanted pests getting into your vegetable gardens and don’t want the expense or hassle of adding fencing, this is definitely the way to go! Plus, it’s affordable and is powered by the sun! No electricity bills at all. We highly recommend it!

Additional Tips: If you’re having issues with pests visiting your gardens, you’ll want to eliminate using any food composting in your garden or flower beds. Sometimes they’re attracted to that. Next, we had good results in the past using wolf and/or coyote urine (purchased online) and then sprayed around the perimeter of our one garden. That urine smell (we couldn’t smell it) was a big SIGN to the pests that predators were in the area. If nocturnal pests are a problem, buy some solar-powered lights & solar-powered spotlights and try placing those around the perimeter of your garden. A few years ago I had an issue with some of the neighbor’s dogs & other pests coming into my garden to do their “business” so I sprinkled red pepper flakes and sprayed hot pepper oil around the perimeter of the garden. Dogs and some of the other pests don’t like it and it helped to deter them from my treasured spaces.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I love that this solar energy repeller is available to help keep unwanted pest out of an area like the garden. I am glad that you gave us this update on how well it worked.

  2. heather says:

    I had no idea that there was something like this on the market until I read about it on your post. I am so going to get a couple of these for our property. Thank you for the honest review.

  3. Cathy Jarolin says:

    We don’t have very many pests in our garden maybe a rabbit here and there.What really bothers my plants are beetles. We had the Japanese Beetles for a couple of years this year we had a Brown Beetle of some kind? Someone said it was a June Bug. But I thought June bugs were bigger. ?? So I wish I could find something for beetles not insecticide … I am happy you found a solution for your Problem. Its alot of work and upkeep in taking care of a garden To see it ruined. Thank You for sharing this awesome solution for pests in your Garden..

  4. When I first read about you using “wolf or coyote urine” my mind went immediately wondering how you managed to acquire some of that. LOL Wow, I guess just about anything can be purchased online these days. ha!

    • Yup, you can buy anything online! I also borrow my neighbor’s big dog. He gives me permission to come over and put him on a leash. I then take him for a walk around the perimeter of my yard a few times. The dog does his “business” around the perimeter of the yard and marks up his area. Another great deterrent since the critters think I have a big dog patrolling my yard LOL

  5. Sarah L says:

    I can see that this would be very useful. I like that it’s solar powered.