At Home Teeth Whitening: Should You Pick a Tray, Strip or a Kit?

At Home Teeth Whitening: Should You Pick a Tray, Strip or a Kit?Stroll through the dental care aisle and be confronted by an array of at-home whitening solutions. What should you do – choose a brush-on solution, a tray, a strip? How long does it take to get the results you want? Are all of the options safe? Here’s a thorough examination of at-home whitening.

Do You Need to Whiten?

Maybe you won’t get results from whitening due to an underlying condition. Tooth decay and periodontal disease cause teeth to turn yellow. Over-the-counter whitening solutions are not going to be effective long term in such a case. Also, stains made by certain medicines are not influenced by whiteners as with dental caps, crowns, and fake teeth. Those need to be addressed professionally.

Seek the Solution That Produces Less Sensitivity

Some have sensitive teeth and should seek solutions that are less likely to irritate gums. Peroxide is usually the preferred whitening agent. The higher percentage will result in whiter teeth but more pain. Sensitivity occurs when the peroxide gets into the tooth enamel. Obviously, you’ll want the best results, but if a higher percentage of peroxide hurts, then you need to choose another method. See a range of solutions at Whiter Smile.

Have Patience with Results

Take note of the shade of your teeth and expect gradual results. While a great smile is your ultimate goal, think of those with fake tans in the winter; they look a bit odd. You would look awkward to those you know if your teeth changed 10 shades overnight. Be patient and use whitening solutions gradually. Strips are good for this reason since users put them on twice per day for a few weeks’ time.

Don’t Darken Your Teeth

Food and drink darken teeth, yet particular things that people ingest stains teeth. Stay away from red wine, coffee, teas, and colas. Don’t darken your teeth as you attempt to whiten them. You wouldn’t couple a trip to the gym with a bunch of cheeseburgers, would you? As you find solutions to help whiten your teeth, don’t do things that achieve the opposite effect.

Be Consistent with Use

Most methods necessitate consistency. You can’t use a strip one day then go days without using any for example. You may fare better in using a method that best suits your availability and preferences. For example, you may want to use a tray at night while watching television since it’s a time after dinner and when no one is around to see you with them in. Alternatively, maybe you brush at the office each day after lunch and using strips would be just another step in your routine.

Brush and Floss Like a Boss

Your toothbrush is really the best whitening tool you can buy. Of course, peroxide accelerates the process of whitening, but good brushing habits ensure a great smile and healthy mouth. Whitening is just a cosmetic procedure. Brushing and flossing are conducive to a healthy body.


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I agree that it is important to stick to whatever method would work best for you. It is necessary to be considerate.

  2. Well coffee and tea especially, are my only vices and I’m not about to give them up, so yes, whitening my teeth interests me. I liked the Crest White Strips I tried, but not the paint-on stuff I tried years ago. The best result I had was with the dentist and it was expensive, so maybe I should look at the options again since it does seem to work on my teeth, without too much sensitivity.

  3. heather says:

    I really liked reading this post. I drink a lot of tea and I know it stains my teeth. I have very sensitive teeth so I really have to be careful what I use on them thank you for sharing these tips.