Home Decorating: Affordable Window Treatment Ideas

Like most of you, I’m on a budget when it comes to decorating my home. When I shop for home decor and linens, I like items that are quality-made, look nice and are affordably priced. But, let’s face it. Most of the times when we go out to hit the retail stores we’re finding items that are cheaply-made and way over-priced.

For example, a few months ago I went out to 4 different local department stores & discount stores to shop for window treatments for our one guest bedroom and our one guest bathroom. The majority of the time I didn’t find anything that I liked and when I did, it was $50.00 and up. Sorry Charlie, that’s more than my budget allows.

After being frustrated with my offline shopping experience, I turned to the internet to find something that I liked and that was affordable. After looking around, I found exactly what I needed on Amazon and I was pretty happy about the price!

White with Blue Trim Window Toppers

I picked up two of the Saturday Knight “Kate” Style Window Valances in white and trimmed in blue. These window valances are perfect in our guest bedroom which is decorated in a nautical & coastal theme. The main colors in that bedroom are white, shades of blue and a few red accents. I have a lot of lighthouses, ships, anchors, seashells, etc. as accents in that room’s decor.

These window valances are light-weight and still allow the sunlight to come in through the window. I paired each of the window valances up with brand new white mini blinds with the thin slats (not the wide older slats) and they look very nice together. You’ll want to make sure your curtain rod has enough depth to it if you plan on hanging mini blinds or a roller shade underneath your window treatment.

Coastal Seashell Window Curtains

For the guest bathroom I found a beautiful window treatment that’s done in the “cafe style” which means it has a window valance and two tier curtains per window. Our little guest bathroom only has one window and I wanted to make sure that the sunlight came through, but yet we still had privacy in there in regards to the window.

The style is called “Seabreeze” and it’s available in 2 different color patterns. I choose the sand color as I love soothing neutral tones. It’s a light-weight window treatment set that is machine washable. Matter of fact, I’ve washed the set twice now on the delicate cycle and air dried. Both times it came out perfectly. I do NOT recommend tossing them into the dryer.

Coastal Seashell Window Curtains

Besides these two particular window treatment sets, I purchased 5 other sets too! Over the coming weeks I’ll give you some more information about those and show you some of my photos to go along with it.

I love to decorate my home, but like most of you…I have to do it on a budget. With that said, I like my home to look nice, clean and welcoming when guests arrive. I don’t like a disorganized mess or cheesy-looking decor. I’m really pleased with both of my purchases that I’m featuring today.

Disclosure: Shelly has personally purchased the items featured in this blog post. They were NOT review items and she paid full price for them. Shelly is sharing her honest, unbiased opinion on them with her blog readers. This post contains affiliate links, if you make a purchase through an affiliate link, we may or may not receive a small commission which helps to support this site.


  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I like both of these window treatments and think that you found good deals on Amazon. I almost always comparison shop and do not want to spend a lot of money.

  2. I like how delicate these look but yet they are practical enough to give the needed privacy. It sure pays to be creative and to shop around when looking for window treatments. I have been shocked by how expensive some of the treatments are and usually they are dry clean only which adds to the cost.

    • Since I’m a neat & clean freak…I avoid dry-clean only window treatments. I just do. I like cleaning my window treatments at least twice a year to keep the dirt, dust, cobwebs, germs, etc. at-bay. Plus, window treatments hold odors…it’s important to clean them and I won’t waste money on dry-clean only styles.

  3. ellen beck says:

    like the cafe style curtains you picked out. I have those type in the kitchen and in the dining room because the rooms kind of blend together. Full length curtains are tough to find for sure. Where we live they help keep the house warm so I try to find the heaviest I can. The ‘best’ buy I had on curtains was actually from the thrift shop. A bank had changed all their curtains. I bought $20 and it was for 20 pairs. I am still using them. It is kind of boring but they are well made, and you cant beat the price.

  4. Tamra Phelps says:

    I like valances for bathroom windows, or kitchens, but in the living room or bedroom I like curtains I can close completely. My Mom likes sheers under the curtains, too, but I hate those dang sheers, lol. If I open the curtains, I don’t like that layer of sheers blocking some light. So, I pull them open, too, which irritates her, lol. Yep, we ‘go round & round’ about this.

  5. I’ve made many window treatments and kept all the patterns. It can be as expensive as you like since those fabrics can get pretty pricey. The fabric outlet stores can save you money. After making my own, I can agree with you that most of the department store window treatments are cheaply made. There’s been a few places online that I ordered from that I liked though with reasonable prices, and would shop there again.