Family Movie Night: A Mermaid’s Tale

A Mermaid’s TaleTwice a month we like to get together to host a family movie night. We tend to host them during the weekends during the late afternoon or early evening hours. Pizza, Finger Foods, Beverages and Popcorn are always on the menu too!

Recently we had the opportunity to watch a brand new movie DVD release titled: A Mermaid’s Tale. Here’s some more information about it.

Program Description: A mythical story about friendship and discovery, A Mermaid’s Tale swims home on DVD and Digital HD on May 16th, 2017 from Lionsgate. Awarded the Dove® seal of approval, this “enchanting modern fairy tale” (The Dove Foundation) stars Jerry O’Connell, Caitlin Carmichael, and Barry Bostwick. When a young girl is forced to move with her father to a small seaside town, she struggles to fit in and make new friends. One day she discovers a secluded cove where she befriends a mysterious mermaid, and together they uncover a secret that could help save the town.

Official Synopsis: When a twelve-year-old girl befriends a quirky teenage mermaid who’s anything but mythical, their friendship could heal an age-old feud between humans and sea people. Jerry O’Connell (Jerry Maguire) and Barry Bostwick (TV’S “Spin City”) bring to life this family-friendly saga of a young girl’s playful friendship with a teenage mermaid.

Our Thoughts: For our family movie night we had 4 adults in attendance (ages 30 to 68 years old) and 3 children (ages 8 to 16). I always feel it’s important to give you ages as some movies are geared towards different age groups.

A Mermaid's Tale Movie DVD

One thing that we really liked about this movie is that it’s different than current movies out there. It weaves-in mythical, adventure and drama all into one film seamlessly. The actors in this movie do a great job playing their particular parts and I appreciate that the story is geared towards most age groups. Frankly, I get tired of watching a lot of animated films during our family movie nights and this one is a nice refreshing change from that.

While it’s a mythical fairy tale, it does have some realistic things within it…like a young girl moving to a new town to live with a different parent. Many kids can relate to that. Some parents can relate to having one of their children come to live with them, after that child has resided with a different parent. Having realistic struggles inter-twined with the mythical makes it a great movie for the enter family to see.

We do NOT give out movie-ending spoilers, but I can tell you that it didn’t end quite the way that I thought it would…a nice surprise with that! On my entertainment rating scale, I give this one 7 1/2 popcorn buckets out of 10 popcorn buckets. I think it’s a great flick for your next upcoming family movie night.

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    We typically watch animated movies , we have family movie night every friday night.

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    I like to watch family movies that are inspirational or comedies.

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  7. We watch either cartoon movies or comedies. We have them every once in a while.. not as much as I’d like.

  8. Daniel M says:

    everyone likes a comedy, we try to get together if everyone has time

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    We don’t have movie nights. When my grandchildren sleep over I make sure I have a movie that they will like. When my husband is not home my daughter & I watch girlie movies.

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    When my Girls were young we had quite a few Family movie nights. Now its only once in a while usually when the Grand Kids are here. They are alot of fun~ We Watch all kinds of Family Friendly movies.. :O)~~~

  15. Nannypanpan says:

    My son cause he is older generally picks the movie. But his sisters have started to have more of an opinion

  16. bernie wallace says:

    We try to hold family movie nights regularly. We enjoy watching animated musicals. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    We have family movie nights regularly (once or twice a week). We usually watch animated or family friendly movies.

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    We usually watch something animated since we have younger kids. We probably do movie night about twice a month.

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  23. bill norris says:

    Comedy is what we watch.

  24. We have family movie night with our grandchildren every month or so and look for fun kids movies.

  25. heather says:

    When it comes to movie night we typically watch family friendly movies. I like to play movies with animals in them we all seem to really enjoy those a lot.

  26. Kris I. says:

    yes, we love movie nights; we usually watch animated movies!

  27. Patricia says:

    We have a Friday movie night. We like to watch comedies, dramas, and family friendly movies.