The Perfect Bath Time Routine and Must-Have Bath Essentials

Must-Have Pampering Bath Essentials* This post was sponsored by Micro Cotton®. All words, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

I’m one of those women who still loves spoiling herself with a bubble bath several times every week. I find that bubble baths are a great way to de-stress and relax after a long day and I enjoy spending 30 minutes pampering myself. Over the years, I’ve developed quite the bath time routine and have come up with what I call “Shelly’s Must-Have Bath Essentials” which I’m sharing with all of you today.

The Perfect Bath Time Routine & Preparation

1. Schedule – I like to schedule my bubble baths for 3 times a week, typically on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings. By having a set schedule, my family knows that on those specific nights, I’m treating myself to some important “ME” time.

2. Preparation: About 45 minutes before my scheduled pampering time, I like to make my family rounds to make sure the family has what they need. All homework, meal making, cleaning-up, etc. is done. I don’t want any interruptions during my bath time.

3. My Extra-Treats: I enjoy sipping on a nice beverage during my soak and I vary that beverage depending on the season and how I’m feeling that day. I love treating myself to a glass of white wine, a gourmet cup of coffee or even a big mug of hot cocoa. If I have some chocolate candies and/or chocolate dipped fruit on-hand, I’ll treat myself to a few of those too!

4. Time Out: I announce to the family that they’re not to bother me until they see that bathroom door open, unless it’s an emergency…a REAL emergency! They know that once I’ve made my announcement, they are to leave me alone!

5. Mood Enhancements: I like to use flameless colored candles in my bathroom along with some light music to help set the relaxing mood.

Shelly’s Must-Have Bath Essentials

1. Soft, Plush Bath Linens: As I previously stated, I have a large wicker basket that I keep stocked with my favorite bath time essentials.

Hotel Collection Premier Bath Towel Collection

Recently I received 2 sets of Micro Cotton Bath Towels from the new Hotel Collection Premier Bath Towel Collection that’s exclusively available for purchase at Macy’s. These ultra-soft bath linens are made out of super-absorbent Annur cotton finished with a clean woven pattern at the hem and feel incredibly soft against your bare skin.

Micro Cotton Bath Towels from the new Hotel Collection Premier Bath Towel Collection

The towels are plush, thick and a little bit over-sized. I’m an average-sized woman and my husband is on the larger-size…we can both equally use these towels thanks to them being a little over-sized. I love thick & plush towels, but I don’t want to run my household dryer for 2 hours drying them after they’ve been laundered. Well, these linens launder up beautifully and they dry in record time! They’re available in several different beautiful colors!

Micro Cotton Bath Towels from the new Hotel Collection Premier Bath Towel Collection

2. Bathing Essentials: In my basket you’ll find bubble bath, bath gel, goat milk soap, body lotion and a fragranced body mist. I change out the fragrances to suit the season or my current mood.

3. Proper Tools: I think it’s equally important to have the proper bathing tools, so I always keep a mesh sponge, loofah, pumice stone and a bath mitt inside my basket. You can stock your basket with the tools that you prefer to use.

4. Finishing Touches: Every woman should spoil themselves with nice sets of pajamas and a cotton bath robe. Before I hop into the bathtub, I lay out my pajamas and bath robe.

So there you have it! A little peek into my bath time routine and the items that I consider to be “Must-Have” essentials. Do you have a bath time routine?

About Micro Cotton® (our sponsor) – Micro Cotton® are the makers of ultra-soft and luxurious home and hospitality textiles. Micro Cotton® brand products were conceived with a desire to evolve and expand the concept of luxury and design for a complete bath experience through their signature cotton’s fiber structure, which provides superior softness, absorbency, and durability and a faster drying time. Micro Cotton® products can be found in major retailers nationwide, such as Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dillard’s, and Belk, among others. Micro Cotton® is owned by Sharadha Terry Products Ltd. in Coimbatore, India.

Micro Cotton Bath Towels from the new Hotel Collection Premier Bath Towel Collection

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  2. Candles, Bath salts and a nice soft robe for afterwards!

  3. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    I don’t get time for long soaking baths more than once a month… I like extra warm water, nice-smelling bath salts or bubbles, and an interesting book.

  4. Darla Hobbs says:

    Lavender bath salts, soft towels, body lotion, 3 nights a week

  5. A loofah, body wash and hot shower.

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  13. I am passinate about enjoying an epsome salt bath after one of my hikes. add a nice glass of wine–perfect.

  14. Brenda white says:

    I don’t pamper myself nearly enough but a must have are nice washcloths, good quality soap and bubbles as a treat.

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    I have to have a nice bubbly bath, I use Mr Bubble a lot and add a few drops of whatever essential oil I am loving at the moment. I also like to have music or an audiobook to listen to and of course candles. I don’t get to soak in the tub often and take it very seriously when I do,

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  21. Deborah Cochran says:

    My 3 must have essentials are a rain shower head, a soft bathmat to step out onto and a big fluffy soft towel that I can wrap myself up in and feel cozy.

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  23. Scented body wash, lotion & a fluffy soft towel.

  24. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    My must haves are a giant bath sheet, grapefruit scented bodywash, and a loofa.

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    My essentials are silence, bath bubbles and music. I rarely get the chance to take one though.

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  35. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I need to have music playing, rose scented bubble bath, and candles for my spa routine! I try to do it at least weekly.

  36. Michelle S. says:

    Usually a space heater because our bathroom is typically cold! Some kind of bath additive such as bath salts and a fresh out of the dryer towel. I rarely take baths because I don’t have time to really soak and enjoy it.

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    I love taking a nice scented Bubble Bath as often as I am able. No set dates or time. I am older and my Daughters are already Grandmas themselves. Its just me and my Husband. But there is nothing like soaking in a Bath tub filled with bubbles. I just close my eyes and totally relax. 🙂

  41. Angela Saver says:

    My three bath-time essentials are shampoo, conditioner and goat milk soap! I usually treat myself to a bath once a week!

  42. Essentials include favorite bath lotion, favorite music, and candles. Do not do this nearly often enough.

  43. Kayte CookWatts says:

    I like to listen to my favorite music- like jazz or classical, something relaxing, great towels are nice, and I also love face and hair masks.

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  45. I pamper myself by getting a massage ever other week. For my bath I like my loofa, a big fluffy towel and lavender bath salts.
    Thanks for the contest.

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  47. My essentials are candles, body wash, and soft towels! I pamper myself about 1-2 times a week.

  48. Once a week a pampering bath with the works. Rest of time just a hot shower. For must haves; a extra thick luxury towel only, no candles with no scents,lavender bubble bath and some favorite milk chocolate candies treats.

  49. Candles, scented epson salts, and a good lotion are my three must haves, about twice a week.

  50. Seyma Shabbir says:

    3 must haves are body wash, towels, and cream! I try to pamper myself once a week.

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    My must haves for the Bathroom are…soft towels, scented shower gels, and lotions.

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  55. My must haves are goat milk soap, loofah, and pajamas.

  56. I love to have a few candles with a relaxing scent, a bath tub big enough to stretch out in, and a bath pillow to relax longer in the tub. I don’t have a lot of time to spend an hour in the bath, there’s just too much going on. I could definitely use more pampering time.

  57. Susan Hartman says:

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  58. Susan Hartman says:

    I am lucky to have a nice master bathroom with a large soaking tub. Above the tub is a large window that goes into my large yard backed up by free space. I love to soak while using my lavender vanilla bath gel and scrub. Im one happy girl.

  59. Nannypanpan says:

    My essentials are hot water, good book and quiet house. Because I have kids…I don’t get baths of enough

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  61. heather says:

    I would like to add this to my previous comment above, I pamper myself like maybe once a month.

  62. heather says:

    My three bath time essentials are nice soft towels, bubbles, candles and soft music.

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    I must have my exfoliating face wash, exfoliating body wash, and shaver!

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  67. I find that I pamper myself with a bath every few weeks and my must haves are a nice scented bubble bath or salt, large, plush towels and a luxurious lotion for after.

  68. Kris I. says:

    I must have a a good smelling body wash, clean towel, and my loofah!

  69. Margot C says:

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  70. I shower but need to have my classical music on, to drown out the traffic outside! I also like a great smelling bath wash, usually tropical, with coconut scent, and I like a nice quality (microfiber) hair towel, in addition to my bath towel. I always pat myself dry and apply moisturizer on damp skin, so towels are important to me.

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    Well, I usually shower, but sometimes you just want to relax in a bath. I’m pretty particular about my bodywash since I have dry skin, & I like a soft wash cloth. The third thing I like is pretty hot water. I know, it might not be great for the skin, but it really relaxes you.

  75. Margot C says:

    I must have my goat’s milk soap, a clean towel and a clean bath mat.

  76. Patricia says:

    I great body scrub, great smelling shampoo and conditioner, and a nice moisturizing cream for afterwards.

  77. Cheryl B says:

    I must have thick and thirsty towels, a candle and lots of bubbles.

  78. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I must have a nice scented body wash , a good shampoo and conditioner and a large comfortable bath towel for my bath. I should schedule some bubble bath time.

  79. Holly C. says:

    I like to bath using Epsom salts with essential oils and a bath pillow! I try to pamper myself once a week, spa day including facial mask.

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  82. My three must have things are shampoo, conditioner, and my favorite body wash too.

  83. Bath salts, “italian towel” and great bath towels are must for a relaxing bath-me-time. I wish I could pamper myself more often, but being a mom of 3… if I’m lucky it will be twice a week.

  84. I like candles, lavender scented bath oils and a great body cream. I usually have a nice bubble bath about 2 times a week.