Family Movie Night: Arctic Adventure on Frozen Pond

Arctic Adventure on Frozen PondTwo to three times a month my family enjoys getting together and having a family movie night (or afternoon). When we host our movie get-togethers we like to serve up some pizza, finger foods, beverages and of course, popcorn! It’s a great way for us to all bond together and the kids really enjoy themselves.

Last weekend we got together for our family movie night to watch the new movie DVD release called: Arctic Adventure on Frozen Pond. It’s available on DVD, On-Demand and on Download starting on April 18th, 2017.

Arctic Adventure on Frozen Pond

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: SMOSH’s Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, the comedy duo from the highly popular YouTube channel with over 6.1 billion video views to date, star in the animated motion picture Arctic Adventure: On Frozen Pond. Join the frog warriors (Padilla and Hecox) and the frog princess (Ambyr Childers) as they embark on a mission to save legendary warrior Crystal Frog in a family-friendly story full of mystery and fun. The film has been dubbed “a delightful tale” by the Dove Foundation, and has been awarded the Dove Family Seal of Approval. The Arctic Adventure: On Frozen Pond DVD will include an exclusive featurette titled “Giving the Characters a Voice: At the Recording Studio with Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox (creators of SMOSH), Ambyr Childers, and Jon Lovitz” when it hits the shelves.

Arctic Adventure on Frozen Pond

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox (YouTube’s SMOSH) join Jon Lovitz (Hotel Transylvania) in this hilarious tale of brave frogs on a bold quest. For centuries, the Crystal Frog has protected the Frog Kingdom with its magic. But when sneaky One-Eye (Hecox) plots to steal the artifact and become King, it’s up to Freddy (Padilla) and the Frog Princess to make the arduous trek to the Holy Land. Through forest, desert, river rapids, and icy caverns, the bravery of the frozen warriors keeps this colorful saga hopping.

Our Thoughts: Where do I even start on this one?!?!? Seriously, this animated movie is super-cute and my family LOVED it! The frog characters are super-cute and the story line is extremely entertaining from beginning to end. This animated tale is full of comedy and adventure, and in my opinion, it’s a LOT different than other animated films that are out in the retail marketplace. I’m really getting tired of the same old, same old animated films. This one is different and it’s really refreshing to see.

Arctic Adventure on Frozen Pond

At our family movie viewing party, we had 4 adults ranging in age from 32 to 69, along with 3 children ranging in age from 20 months to age 9. I like to give ages in my movie reviews because it helps to gauge interest. I can HONESTLY tell you that everyone and I mean EVERYONE loved this movie! Matter of fact, the kids watched it again the very next day and since we received the DVD, I’m guessing that they’ve watched it another 5-6 times! Yup, it’s fabulous! On our entertainment rating scale, we’re giving this animated movie 9 stars out of 10 stars!

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    whenever everyone has time, maybe every other saturday night if that, usually have popcorn

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  7. Kristen says:

    Our good friends have kids movie nights for their kids and their neighbor/friends’ kids once a week. They are always looking for good kid friendly movies to view. They have juice and popcorn and whatever someone baked that week.

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    We have family movie nights once or twice a week. Some of the things we love to snack on are Snapea Crisps, cut up fruit, trail mix and peanut M & Ms.

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  13. We have them all the time. Popcorn, pizza, rice krispies treats and cookies.

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    We usually have family movie night on Saturday, we make homemade pizza.

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    We have family movie night every Saturday night. We make homemade pizza.

  21. Elizabeth Brooks says:

    We do movie night Friday and Saturday night. We order pizza or make Popcorn. Sometimes it’s a tub of ice-cream

  22. Amber Cheras says:

    We try to have movie night once a week on Fridays. We love to serve popcorn with chocolate fruit mixed in!

  23. Mary Cloud says:

    We usually try to do family movie night once a week and usually serve pizza when we do.

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  25. When our 2 grandsons spend the night with us we always watch movies with a big bowl of buttered popcorn!

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    On Family Movie nights we (whoever is Home at the time) Just gather n the Front Room watch the movie and we snack on whatever is in the house that we want! I usually pop Popcorn too everyone seems to love it!

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    I don’t really do family movie nights because my daughters grown. But anytime I can get hold of my granddaughter we do watch some fun stuff. She normally asks for ice cream sandwiches. I don’t think that she gets them at home!

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    We host a movie night about once a month and we usually have popcorn & chips!

  36. We do movie nights about twice a month in a small foldable tent in the living room with some popcorn. Kids just love it.

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    We try for Friday night with hot buttered popcorn

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    We have family movie night every week. It is a fun time for the kids and me to relax and enjoy a good movie. This movie looks like a fun one to watch with the kids.

  40. Margot C says:

    The truth is that we don’t. My step-son is 25 and there is no way he would sit through a film like this. His loss I say, and we do invite him. It’s mostly Alysia & me.

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  43. We take turn doing it about once a month. Snacks can vary but popcorn is always available.

  44. bill norris says:

    at least once a week

  45. Nannypanpan says:

    Usually once a month we do movie night. We have pizza and gummy candy

  46. We like to have movie night like a few times per month. We like to have popcorn, chips and dips and candy on special movie nights.

  47. Yes, we love family movie nights and usually have pop corn!

  48. Seems like a cute film. My little gal would love this.

  49. bernie wallace says:

    I have family movie nights. We eat dinner before the movie. We usually dont eat snacks during the movie. Thanks for the giveaway.